Characters Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt Discussion

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09:13:03 PM Sep 28th 2011
Since the trope Hard Gay is now a comedian, what do we do about the fact that it's written on Garter's character section? Do we edit it to Macho Camp, which seems to be the replacement?
09:18:57 AM May 6th 2011
'Anarchy' isn't the sister's title, it's their family name. Why is it listed first in their character sheets? (Or are their names just being given in Japanese order?)
09:10:52 PM Sep 28th 2011
In the series they are referred to as Anarchy Panty and Anarchy Stocking, even when written down in English (for example, in the "We Are Angels" music video and the title of "Bitch Girls". Anarchy comes first.