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08:37:28 AM May 7th 2014
About removing spoilers: disscusion please

I liked them the way they were, but this is the character page and leaving vauge information in the character sheets is worse than nothing, IMO

Option: remove spoiler tags altogether and put a warning at the top of the page

Option 2: leave spoliers in place

Option 3: Profit???
01:37:21 PM May 7th 2014
I say we unspoil everything up to and including the time skip part, so where they were, who trained the strawhats, and the like.

And perhaps measure seasons by the anime's release in Japan. Which would mean that we unspoil everything to just before the start of the Punk Hazard arc.
01:42:00 PM May 7th 2014
awesome, glad we agree. im gonna do that and put a spoiler warning at the top too.

did you do other pages or just this one?
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