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06:00:38 PM Jul 12th 2011
Okay, Ninja Gaiden went for too long without a character sheet, I'm starting one very slowly and carefuly, first I'm formating the page, writing the characters descriptions, then tropes and finally pictures; this sheet needs to be complete and worth of reference. I'm going alone, but feel free to help by adding tropes, since that's my weak point, descriptions and pictures are my forte so you can leave that aside.
10:53:23 PM Jul 15th 2011
edited by Goukenimaru
...and I'm finally done, as expected I worked through the whole thing alone from formating, description and images to tropes, but of course I can't forget Josh6243 who helped by adding a few tropes for the NES characters. From what I see the sheet is worth of reference, at least more than other stubs usually found in Video Games and Needs Wiki Magic Love. That said I will probally add more tropes or even lesser characters in the future.

One thing is certain, I guarantee that the sheet will be under my constant surveillance, any future edits must fit nicely with the formation, images must be resized and in depth descriptions must be given.