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06:31:33 PM Apr 25th 2013
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Isn't the Barrier Maiden entry for Asuna just a little bit opinionated? The sacrifice wasn't 'meaningless', even if it's easy to avoid her previous self for still being sealed up.

Kinda broke her pretty damned hard, on seeing 2135, and finding out everyone was dead. And that Ayaka had stayed alive clear until the year she was 'supposed' to wake up, to see her again. That was undone, but it was well-undone, the level of Downer Ending leaving her there would have been far too high.
07:26:50 PM Apr 25th 2013
Er, she didn't make any sacrifice. That's what the thing is saying. The story set up that she'd be giving up everything and then she didn't actually have to.

Since when was Asuna sweet and lovable? That's not Break the Cutie.
09:35:13 PM Sep 15th 2013
@Arha: Hmm. Guess someone else agrees with me, I'm not the one who added it to the trope page for it. Shouldn't link a trope claiming it isn't that, until checking to see that said page in the anime section doesn't have multiple occasions of it listed ;)
12:01:53 PM Jan 2nd 2013
Who is it that keeps adding new English voice actors for the characters for "Ala Alba onwards"? Not only have those casting changes never been confirmed, Funimation has never even licensed the OA Ds/Anime F Inal Movie.

There's no proof of that anywhere so please keep it out.
10:14:03 PM Jan 29th 2013
It is getting annoying. I'm wracking my brain here trying to find some shred of proof/hope of an english dub in the works but so far have come up with nothing. I do hope something does happen, but what I really want is a new Anime that completely follows the manga (now that the manga has been completed). That would be a dream come true.
02:35:11 PM Feb 19th 2013
The person in question was just a disturbed individual who thought the pages were here so he could flaunt his dream voice cast. Please clean up after him.
08:40:41 AM Feb 20th 2013
Thank you for informing us.
06:04:00 PM May 20th 2014
Should I clean the pages of whatever Ala Alba cast changes were made?
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