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03:01:01 PM Oct 15th 2014
Should the other monsters not from games that are translated into English (Frontier/Online) be added? [Examples: Gurenzeburu, Mi Ru, Diorekkusu, Chramine] I'd assume "yes" because Raviente is on this list, but no others from Frontier/Monster Hunter Online are on it.
09:11:48 PM Nov 14th 2014
I'd say no, because there's a LOT of Frontier monsters. If someone was willing to make an entire Frontier monster page, leaving the main series monsters separate, then that could work. I'm guessing Raviente is on there mostly because it's the biggest in the entire series, so that gives it a bit of notoriety/notability among the fanbase. Even fans that don't play Frontier probably know who Raviente is.
06:32:23 PM Nov 16th 2014
To make a Frontier/Online page would just be making another entry, correct?

I might have a new project.
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