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08:41:56 PM Jun 28th 2016
Monster Hunter Online is starting to develop its own roster of unique monsters, much like Frontier has, so should it get its own sub-page alongside the existing ones?
03:58:49 PM Feb 28th 2015
Should we add the members of the caravan in MH 4 U to the character page? They are about as fleshed out as the human characters in a Monster Hunter game gets.
09:21:23 AM Mar 16th 2015
I was about to ask the same thing. I support this idea. Maybe we need branching a page. One for allies and one for the monsters.
06:16:50 AM Mar 19th 2015
I'd say that, and also have a separate page for Frontier monsters. This page is getting huge.
02:17:56 PM Mar 24th 2015
I entirely support the notion of giving the monsters from Frontier a separate page.
08:45:48 PM Mar 24th 2015
It seems like most of the reason why the page is getting so big is because of the sudden major inclusion of Frontier monsters. If we move them to their own page then the "main series monsters" page will shrink significantly.
12:56:17 AM Mar 25th 2015
Added it to Overly Long Pages, since it has more than 400000 characters.
06:08:42 AM Mar 30th 2015
I have separated the page into three pages, one for the intelligent races, one for the main series monsters and one for Frontier monsters.
11:22:26 AM Feb 13th 2015
I have planned to add the titles of the various monsters as well but I wanted to hear with the rest of you as well as to in what way they will be applied.
07:50:29 PM Feb 13th 2015
Go for it
03:01:01 PM Oct 15th 2014
Should the other monsters not from games that are translated into English (Frontier/Online) be added? [Examples: Gurenzeburu, Mi Ru, Diorekkusu, Chramine] I'd assume "yes" because Raviente is on this list, but no others from Frontier/Monster Hunter Online are on it.
09:11:48 PM Nov 14th 2014
I'd say no, because there's a LOT of Frontier monsters. If someone was willing to make an entire Frontier monster page, leaving the main series monsters separate, then that could work. I'm guessing Raviente is on there mostly because it's the biggest in the entire series, so that gives it a bit of notoriety/notability among the fanbase. Even fans that don't play Frontier probably know who Raviente is.
06:32:23 PM Nov 16th 2014
To make a Frontier/Online page would just be making another entry, correct?

I might have a new project.
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