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10:21:31 AM Oct 23rd 2012
Is there a reason for the lack of psychic power-related tropes on the character page? I know there's been conflicting word of god on the matter and the term Newtype is never used, but looking at the evidence it's obvious that's what at the very least Rau, Mu, and Prayer are.
01:52:33 PM Oct 23rd 2012
What do these psychic powers do? All we see from Rau and Mu is the ability to recognise when one another are near by.
02:55:38 PM Oct 24th 2012
Admittedly, not much. "Enhanced spacial awareness" appears to be a pretty big deal, considering the pilots who have it are all extraordinarily skilled. Prayer is able to communicate psychically, but he's Astray-exclusive. And, as you said, they can all sense the presence of another like them. That's worth at least an Alertness Blink citation, right?
03:20:05 PM Oct 26th 2012
If you put it in, note what it does for them, otherwise people might take it the wrong way.
07:35:12 PM Jun 15th 2011
edited by TheAdversary
Added a few things here and there to Kira's description. Still objective, but touches more upon his infamy on the western fandom. It's too important to simply not note. Discuss anything here before we go into full edit wars, please.
09:43:26 PM Jun 15th 2011
edited by AmbarSonofDeshar
You can't add YMMV tropes, such as Americans Hate Tingle, the way you tried to on the Seed Destiny page. As long as what you're adding is stated in "the fans" don't like him terms, I'm cool with it. Start adding, "they hate because of" and start listing reasons and we will have a problem.

Also, the hate for him doesn't seem to be as permanent as you think. Depending on the site you go to you will get very different results.
09:54:54 AM Dec 29th 2010
Uhhhh, why doesn't Rau Le Creuset qualify as a Complete Monster?
09:45:51 PM Jun 15th 2011
He's a clone created by a man who subsequently abused him, leaving him with serious identity issues and the whole "I am my abuser" thing going on. He's aging double fast, is going to die young, and is living in a world that quite frankly, is getting worse by the minute, more or less confirming his idea that Humans Are Bastards. Rau has far too many potential Freudian Excuses to qualify for this trope. Plus there's his Pet the Dog moments in the flahsbacks with Rey and the Chairman, and the fact that he's portrayed almost sympathetically at times. Basically, there's a whole bunch of little reasons that together add up to a no.