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11:10:21 AM Jun 28th 2014
So there is a lot of drawn artwork on here. Any particular reason?
02:45:14 PM Jul 17th 2014
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I'll admit, the new pictures of Samus are much better than the old one, but otherwise, a lot of the images seems to be arbitrarily changed. In fact, I only approve of the new Samus images because the image before it replaced a perfectly serviceable one for no reason.

Some old ones for reference.

I'm glad the entries that previously had no image on them have gotten pictures but a reason for all the swaps characters with pictures already would be nice. And as nice as it is to see this page get some much needed attention, I don't get why the Ki-Hunters were removed or why the order of characters has been changed.

At the very least, I am going to add the Ki-Hunters back.
07:43:00 PM Jul 24th 2014
Yeah that's just what I'm wondering.
12:45:34 AM Jan 8th 2015
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I'm wondering why fanart (for Samus and the Metroid) and WIP concept art (for most of the other characters) are used. Shouldn't that be corrected, so that only official, FINAL art is used? Because for example, Admiral Dane is not a Cyborg in the final version of Metroid Prime 3.
11:39:27 PM Sep 14th 2017
I have my suspicions as to why fan-artworks have been used, but that's for another time. Some of the artwork are nice, but others make me wonder if it's being misleading. The baby Metroid artwork for example is neither cute or even accurate to the actual in-game Metroid.

Additionally, I recall that it was forbidden to use fan artwork for Zelda characters, even if a few pictures could use a few touch-ups. A troper asked me if the ALTTP Ganon artwork I uploaded was official (it was and I showed him why it is) because of the rule above. Now imagine if I posted a fan artwork of ALTTP Ganon instead...

It wouldn't have gone so well.
07:19:40 AM Sep 21st 2017
I really see nothing wrong with fan art vs official, if the fan art is accurate, this is a wiki of accuracy, not notability. I just think that unless the reason the replacement is "better" is clear there is no reason to do it.

For example, if there was a Super Metroid Samus in varia suit, changing the image to Metroid Prime Samus in varia suit would be pretty pointless, as the first image is just as recognizable, and still would be with "Prime 2", "Prime 3", Super Smash Bros Brawl, et all varia suit Samus. Maybe if the series goes beyond "Fusion" to establish that the big shoulders are probably never coming back, then a change might be in order. If the newer picture is simply more clear or something, yeah, but nine times out of ten that is not the case, and not just on the Metroid pages but with 75% of all images changes on this wiki.

The argument for fan art vs official on "A Link To The Past" is a little different than on Metroid because that game has specific characters who are not in the rest of The Legend Of Zelda series unless stated otherwise(ditto Mega Man___). With a character like Samus in a series like Metroid(or, say Kirby in his series), it's largely Depending on the Writer and Depending on the Artist, so Super Metroid Samus isn't Samus anymore than Metroid Prime Samus and I'd let fan takes long as the picture is somehow better, not just slightly different because this particular artist decided to color more of the suit grey or add more pointy bits.
05:37:41 PM Sep 21st 2017
If we have a feasible official artwork for Samus, why don't we use it? The official art is always the better choice than fan art because it erases all doubts if it's an accurate picture o not.

Fan art may look nice, but it requires the permission from the artist in question. And some of the artworks I saw on these pages I felt don't even accurately represents the games. It's as if someone was projecting their own version of Metroid rather than using the actual games.

As for Samus, that will be easy. We'll use the latest artwork from Nintendo for Samus, or whatever is the next best thing. Just like with Mario, Splatoon and Zelda.
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