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11:10:21 AM Jun 28th 2014
So there is a lot of drawn artwork on here. Any particular reason?
02:45:14 PM Jul 17th 2014
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I'll admit, the new pictures of Samus are much better than the old one, but otherwise, a lot of the images seems to be arbitrarily changed. In fact, I only approve of the new Samus images because the image before it replaced a perfectly serviceable one for no reason.

Some old ones for reference.

I'm glad the entries that previously had no image on them have gotten pictures but a reason for all the swaps characters with pictures already would be nice. And as nice as it is to see this page get some much needed attention, I don't get why the Ki-Hunters were removed or why the order of characters has been changed.

At the very least, I am going to add the Ki-Hunters back.
07:43:00 PM Jul 24th 2014
Yeah that's just what I'm wondering.
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