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07:22:57 PM Nov 5th 2012
Doubleposting from the Eerie Cuties page: Should we create a single shared character page for Eerie Cuties, Magick Chicks, and Dangerously Chloe? There are multiple characters with duplicate entries, which is just confusing for everyone. Even if merging into one page would be overkill, we can move the Hellrune Coven and Tiffany (for example) completely over to the Magick Chicks page, just leaving behind a note "See Magick Chicks."
05:37:33 PM Oct 21st 2013
If I don't get any other opinions by tomorrow, I'm gonna just do the merge as suggested on the Characters.Eerie Cuties discussion page.
05:12:51 AM Aug 7th 2012
Cerise as "Pimp-Girl"? Hmm...if Magick Chicks were colorized, she might have Rainbow Pimp Gear, or is it just Pimp Duds? She trying to be a playa? Or just looking to play Callie and Skye?

"Cerise? Def Jam called. They want their 'Playa Witch Bitch' wardrobe back." :P
08:57:26 PM Jan 22nd 2012
Should "Honey Trap" and "The Vamp", posisibly "Mata Hari" be used for Jacqui as she's out of her clothing to distract Mr. Delatorre, and even so far as to play it thick and naughty to get Cerise the time she needs to book it? He's too pure to fall for it, but it still applies. I don't know if "Evil Is Sexy" applies here either. Might be part of the "Batman Gambit"/"Indy Ploy" so Cerise can be out before he notices (and make sure there is no hint of them and Mel being discovered as witches).
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