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02:21:05 PM Mar 4th 2015
Tamiyo and Narset both need pictures, and I don't know how to add them.
02:37:13 PM Mar 4th 2015
You need to upload them through the Media Uploader.
12:38:40 PM Jan 30th 2015
So the folder for the post-mending planeswalkers is broken. Does anyone know how to fix it or what the problem is?
02:53:37 AM Jan 31st 2015
It's the good old "this folder is too large" issue.
07:45:53 PM May 1st 2014
edited by
"All Men Are Perverts: The lengths he went to have sex with Jhoira in the Time Spiral novel are frankly sickening and disgusting."

"Anti-Hero: In his first appearence in the Time Spiral Block, he was an arrogant, petulant little snot who cared more about getting into Jhoira's [very much non-interested] pants, even as the freaking end of the world sorrounded him."

I don't think whoever wrote these was reading the same stuff I was. I seriously just finished rereading all three books in the Time Spiral trilogy, and none of that was in there at all that I could see. He had a boyish crush on her, sure, but that seemed to be more a mix of "You're the only person in your group who I can confidently assume is sane" and "You're the first girl I've seen in years who wasn't trying to kill me, and you're a pretty artificer!"

He never made a pass at her, he kept his minor jealousy of Jodah in check, and the moments he brings her up make sense for someone way in over their head and looking for a sane companion to keep them grounded. Was this alluded to in the Scars of Mirrodin comics?

Either way, removed them for now.
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