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09:28:15 PM Nov 17th 2017
(Assuming anyone else is looking at this page) Are we going to/should we add the five new factions from Unstable (League of Dastardly Doom, Crossbreed Labs, Goblin Explosioneers, Agents of S.N.E.A.K., and Order of the Widget) into the factions page, or does being from an Un-set disqualify them and Bablovia at large?
05:57:13 AM Jul 12th 2012
Are we going to put the Magic 13 Legendary Characters or Not?
04:56:42 PM Sep 29th 2011
Freyalise has an entry for Gameplay and Story Integration that says she used an infinite combo to power the World Spell. What combo, exactly? I thought she used the Ice Cauldron and Jodah's mirror with the help of Kaysa (an Elder Druid).
06:36:14 AM Aug 29th 2011
Is they a Okay to add Ral Zarek, The Blue and Red hidden Planeswalker from Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, Yet?
01:11:05 PM Aug 29th 2011
I think only if you have tropes to add for him.
11:51:53 AM Aug 20th 2011
edited by jagillette
What's that business with Tezzeret falling over the Despair Even Horizon? Yes, he did fall over the event horizon in Test of Metal, but it wasn't because he discovered the true nature of etherium. It was because he discovered that he couldn't learn how to make it unless he gave up the desire to do so. That rule isn't built into the creation of the stuff, it's just that Crucius wouldn't let him find out how to do it until he'd done A LOT of soul-searching.
01:08:30 AM Aug 4th 2011
edited by troacctid
Okay, here's the quote of Momir Vig's Evil Gloating:

"So you have uncovered Project Kraj," Momir Vig said but didn't seem completely disappointed. "Dragon cerebral fluid is so hard to come by now that the dragons have been hunted nearly to extinction, and so long did I work to keep the spread of the cytoplasts from becoming too obvious. Months and months of slow refinement of the process, awaiting the delivery of that precious substance, the one that courses through this neuroboretum cluster even as we speak, giving life, granting true consciousness, to my most magnificent creation. The creation that will show the puny normals of this city who their true master is." As if to emphasize this point, Vig freed himself from the harness and stepped toward Kos, pacing as he spoke. "With the dragon cerebral fluid imbuing Project Kraj, every cytoplast on this world will return to the nest, crippling thousands and augmenting Kraj. Kraj and its master shall be invincible!"

And about a page later:

"In case you haven't noticed, Mr. Kos, I don't give two zibs for the Guildpact. It's high time the Simic Combine ruled this world as it should be ruled."

And also:

""You will have your Undercity back, and I shall have this entire surface to cultivate," Vig offered. "Project Kraj will deal with the demon and the old beasts, and the survivors will be ours to lead."

Anyway, I think this points pretty well to Vig as Visionary Villain and Mad Scientist, but not Well-Intentioned Extremist. His ultimate goal is to become invincible, rule the world, and turn it into one giant experiment. That's definitely a vision, but not a goal we're meant to sympathize with. Am I right here?
12:01:46 PM Feb 17th 2012
Yes, Vig is insane. But, then again, in his position, I'd probably do the same thing. All the guilds except Rakdos, Izzet, Gruul, and Boros want to control everyone, and, of those, only Izzet and Boros could in any way be considered "good". I imagine Vig thought that, since someone was going to try and take control, we may as well do what we were meant to do - heal this damned plane and bring some order to it. I'm not saying he's at all sane, but I think he has a point. The Guildpact is inefficient and chaotic. Someone is going to take over at some point, so it may as well be someone who agrees with him - i.e., him.
06:07:37 PM Jul 27th 2011
Can someone take a look at this picture from the upcoming set and tell me what color Liliana's eyes are? At first I thought Eyes of Gold, but then I thought maybe Red Eyes! Take Warning or maybe more pinkish... certaintly not a normal eye color....
12:34:55 AM Aug 4th 2011
Agents of Artifice describes her eyes (in passing) as "jet-black". It's never really important to the story. I don't think it's any of those.
12:51:46 AM Aug 4th 2011
Looks purple.
01:46:45 PM Jun 14th 2011
I'm feeling like maybe the characters should be sorted by the setting/story arc in which they were introduced. Thoughts?
06:11:56 PM Jun 15th 2011
Depends on how many characters are there in each setting so that we don't split them up into groups that are too small. No point in having settings where there's only one or two major characters.
11:28:30 AM May 12th 2011
Should we have the Guilds of Ravnica in there?
07:43:49 PM May 12th 2011
If you'd like to add tropes for them, sure, it would make sense to give them a folder.
11:22:31 AM May 13th 2011
11:45:00 PM May 13th 2011
Okay about the Guild's Mechanics?

You know: Forecast, Haunt, Transmute, Replicate, Hellbent, Dredge, Bloodthirst, Radiance, Convoke, and Graft.
03:31:23 AM May 22nd 2011
edited by PMiller1
Right what about the Tropes for the Guildmasters and Guildchampions?
The Guildchampions are:
  • Isperia the Inscrutable
  • Teysa, Orzhov Scion
  • Circu, Dimir Lovotomist
  • Tibor and Lumia
  • Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
  • Savra, Queen of the Golgari
  • Ulasht, the Hate Seed
  • Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran
  • Tolsimir Wolfblood
  • Experiment Kraj

And the Guildmaster are:
  • Grand Arbiter Augustin IV
  • Ghost Council of Orzhova
  • Szadek, Lord of Secrets
  • Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
  • Rakdos the Defiler
  • Sisters of Stone Death
  • Borborygmos
  • Razia, Boros Archangel
  • Chorus of the Conclave
  • Momir Vig, Simic Visionary

08:40:32 PM May 22nd 2011
They're not going to have enough tropes to need their own categories, probably. Just lump them with their guilds.
02:59:38 AM May 4th 2011
edited by IraTheSquire
Is there a trope for a demon/villain, who is evil because of what he is, but completely confused by the spark of goodness in him (which he doesn't understand), and that confusion make him wondering what the hell he should do? Because that trope will fit Urabrask and the Quiet Furnace nicely.
06:32:30 PM May 4th 2011
edited by troacctid

I'm not sure if we have a trope that specific, but Curiosity Causes Conversion (he doesn't seem to have actually converted...does it still count, d'you think?) and Humanity Is Infectious seem pretty close.
09:41:25 PM May 4th 2011
Um, well, from what I read in the Savour the Flavor in the mothership I don't think Urabrask is converted yet, nor is he actually curious. He seems more like "what is this compassion business?" though details are lacking.
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