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12:08:07 AM May 18th 2017
edited by DavidEssay
Morrigan Easily Least Likable?

In Rich Bitch trope this claim is made. I found myself liking her at many points during the series. Half of the characters in the series, if not more, are serial murderers so objectively I'd have to say there are a lot of other candidates. This seems too much like YMMV territory.
04:09:15 PM Nov 10th 2012
edited by tricksterson
Why is it being said that Ksenia Solo averts the Fake Russian trope because she's Latvian? Latvia is not part of Russia and hasn't been for over twenty years. Nor are Latvians culturally Russian or even ethnically Slavic, they are a Baltic people. It's like saying an Irish woman averts the Fake Brit trope. And in any case if she did avert it the trope shouldn't even be listed.
08:26:52 AM Jan 8th 2014
According to her Wikipedia page, Ksenia is of Russian heritage. That would make her ethnically Russian, rather than *fake* Russian.
05:19:41 AM Jul 4th 2012

Evidence that Bo became 'More Badass' in Season 2

In the char sheet, there's a claim that Bo took a level in badass- but she was beating people up and generally doing her fair share of the heavy hitting in Season 1. Example: the second episode has her fighting a headless mercenary with a broom and winning. Afterwards, in a subsequent episode, she fights a guy that could easily be a pro wrestler TO A STANDSTILL. So since when was Bo not a badass in Season 1?
03:57:08 PM Jul 8th 2012
05:50:33 AM Oct 11th 2012
Just noticed that and ITA. She took on two opponents at once in the first episode with not real combat experience and beat them. Am removing Faux Action Girl
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