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01:17:50 PM Aug 18th 2017
Lesser investigation force

Hello. Sadly, English isn't my first language, so I can't edit the page right away, but I need to note someone.

It is written on 'Characters' page: Nonindicative Name: Despite the SI's full title of "Lesser Secret Investigations Force", there is no "Greater SIF"; their existence are hardly a secret to anyone (what they do frequently ends up a state secret, but they are no Secret Police); and the "Force" (the corresponding Russian term can be also translated as "Army") consists of less than ten individuals.

I guess it's an example of something lost in translation. In Russian it's "Малое (Lesser) Тайное (Secret) Сыскное (Investigations, but 'сыскное' is actually adjective) войско (Force)". "Малое" can be translated as "small" or "little", not just "lesser". "Тайное" is not only secret, but mysterious or even occult ('тайна' - mystery; 'тайное знание' - occult knowledge). Сыскное - detective. Войско is a force alright, a perfect translation. But this term is dated, so it's something from the old times. So the name can also be interpreted as something like "Small Investigative Force dealing with Magic". Not so neat, of course, but maybe just a little bit closer to truth. Max Frei (or Martynchik) is a philologist, so he/she surely knows how to handle words. It's a bit ambivalent even in Russian. So I think the parapraph cited above should be a bit rewritten. Sadly, I can't do it myself.
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