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11:00:46 AM Oct 9th 2012

Badass Spaniard has been renamed to Dashing Hispanic. The trope requires some necessary characteristics, like being a rogue Anti-Hero of wit and charm, kind of like Zorro. There is not enough context to tell if it fits here.
09:06:18 PM Jan 2nd 2012
Looks like we need pictures for the Game characters too.

Not caring if it's redundant, but for the sake it looks better than it does without.

I vote for Meta Knight saying the line we/I generously gave him and Dedede in his badass Tank/Limousine. What about you guys?
07:55:22 PM Jul 3rd 2012
The pictures I ended up putting in for MK and Dedede were the official artwork of them in static poses, but if you want to replace 'em, it's up to you.
01:40:13 AM Jan 1st 2012
Can we use the Japanese names for the character sheet and whole Kirby of the Stars thing? The 4-Kids dub was pretty bad, despite how "good" it was. The Japanese names would look a lot better.
07:51:46 PM Jul 3rd 2012
Yeah, that'd work better for the sake of consistency. But darn, after all that time it took trying to standardize it...but still, it'd definitely look better.
06:28:39 PM Aug 25th 2011
Now that I've added a spot for Knuckle Joe onto this character sheet, I'll have to change the specifics of what puts a character onto either page.

Unless there's any problems, I'll keep it as this:

The anime-specific characters and characters with an Alternate Continuity personality are on the anime character page, and introduced in-game characters on the main Kirby character page. Characters having no in-game personality but a tropeable Alternate Character Interpretation in the anime would go on the anime's character page.