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08:57:19 PM Mar 24th 2018
Why were the bosses I added to the original antagonists page removed entirely? there were no wrong examples as far as I could tell.

character entries were as follows: Heavy Mole Nruff & Nellys Brobo Wham Bam Rock/ Wham Bam Jewel Computer Virus

I don't know why they were not included...
07:38:45 AM Mar 25th 2018
My guess is that, since they weren't quite 'recurring', they got lost in the move. I suppose we could try to restore them on the recurring antagonists page (which would need a rename because of situations like this).
08:19:37 PM Mar 28th 2018
I mean, I get it, and I am glad someone responded, but why wasn't it done in the first place? its irritating in all honesty.
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