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11:04:08 AM Dec 19th 2017
Does anyone have a source for Guinevere as a warrior and sorceress? I can't find it anywhere, even when researching earlier versions.
11:21:01 PM Aug 5th 2014
I wonder, whe everyone seems to consider Lancelot as the Arthur's Lancer? I always considered Kay to be one. See - he's the one constantly following Arthur from before his crowning and till his death, never leaving him. He took the responsibilities that king didn't want/didn't had time to do. He was constantly criticizing the king and acting as snarky Sour Supporter for the noble all-loving hero - but still followed him. It's hard to find closest thing for an Arthur's foil.

As for Lancelot, I think he's clearly the Sixth Ranger.

Both in-story and out - he was a much later Canon Immigrant, than guys like Kay, Bedivere, Gawayne, and others.
01:44:15 AM Aug 6th 2014
Commented on this issue in the other discussion.
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