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06:41:39 PM Feb 23rd 2013
Don't you think we should rename Chimera Khimaira? The show is explicitly using Greek mythology, not the Roman version. Ah hell, I'll just add it. Change it back if you don't like it.
03:09:49 PM Feb 5th 2013
There are reports that the Wiseman's Phantom form is the Carbuncle Phantom. What are the thoughts on this?
05:25:28 PM Feb 5th 2013
I say take it with a grain of salt.
10:25:38 PM Mar 18th 2013
It is mentioned in Wikipedia, and its source came from TV Aishi's website and Feb 2013 Hyper Hobby magazine. I checked the former page and found nothing about Wiseman being Carbuncle though.
09:28:19 PM Dec 8th 2012
So the full plot of Movie Taisen Ultimatum is out and it brings with it a few interesting revelations, the most significant being those revolving around the donut shop owner. Do you think those should be added in or should we wait for the fansubs?
09:50:18 PM Dec 8th 2012
Where IS the plot? As in where is the summary?
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