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03:43:13 PM Jul 4th 2017
Should this page be split up into multiple pages?

The Loads and Loads of Characters involved makes reading this page a bit difficult and inconvenient.
03:15:27 PM Oct 6th 2013

White-Haired Pretty Boy was changed to White Hair, Black Heart. I can't tell whether it fits.
03:54:27 PM Jan 6th 2013
You should this Image of Colorless King instead of this since The Fox is his true form
02:59:54 PM Dec 14th 2012
edited by illegalcheese
Taking issue with the deletion of this line:

  • The Chosen One: He's supposed to be the next "Colorless King" (the previous one being Kuroh's master). However, all this does is paint a massive target on his back for multiple powerful parties, and his purpose isn't clear.

It was deleted because Shiro is eventually revealed to not be the colorless king.

As far as I'm concerned, that fact is irrelevant, as it is established from the beginning that that's who he's supposed to be, and more importantly that's who everyone and their mother believes him to be. That can be clarified in the example. As far as commenting on the trope goes, that is very relevant and shows that Yashiro is a variation or a subversion of the trope (the latter is not a call I'm sure about making). A spoiler can be added noting that he's actually the Silver King, thus subverting the trope (which I'm more sure about in this case).

In any case, deletion is not appropriate.
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