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09:23:53 AM May 9th 2016
Is it worth putting Heaven Ascension DIO from Eyes of Heaven in his own profile or continue putting the relevant stuff in his original profile?
12:45:46 PM May 9th 2016
edited by rafi
i think that is better create a separate profile in the one-shot page.
10:59:49 PM Dec 24th 2015
edited by PurpleEmperor
Each of the stand users (except for Avdol, Kakyoin, Polnareff, and Iggy) should have hidden images of their stands if their not present, as well as a picture of Joseph in his sixties. That way the reader won't have to search the web for them.
07:32:51 AM Jun 15th 2015
Fighting Spirit/Weirdness Magnet is a trope common to ALL the stand users. Is not better moved to main and removed from characters page?
06:30:00 AM Jun 23rd 2013
Do you think we should add the characters from the light novels? The JJBA wiki has profiles on them.
08:46:33 AM Mar 16th 2013
Hirohiko Araki's original art from the manga is the GREATEST IN THE WORLD!!!

Agree or disagree?
10:00:47 PM Nov 12th 2012
Proposal: make 8 subpages, one for each part of the series.

Reason: The current page is getting sufficiently-large so as to be difficult to edit or read.
04:52:04 AM Nov 13th 2012
Page is over 400,000 charactes long. It should be split. Feel free to do it.
01:24:40 AM Nov 15th 2012
I made some changes to the pages, mostly I just moved main villains to the top of the Villain folder, made more sense since main heroes where also placed at the top. I also removed Dio Brando from the SBR folder, since he didn't appear (Diego Brando From Another World=/=Dio Brando)
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