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07:32:51 AM Jun 15th 2015
Fighting Spirit/Weirdness Magnet is a trope common to ALL the stand users. Is not better moved to main and removed from characters page?
06:30:00 AM Jun 23rd 2013
Do you think we should add the characters from the light novels? The JJBA wiki has profiles on them.
08:46:33 AM Mar 16th 2013
Hirohiko Araki's original art from the manga is the GREATEST IN THE WORLD!!!

Agree or disagree?
10:00:47 PM Nov 12th 2012
Proposal: make 8 subpages, one for each part of the series.

Reason: The current page is getting sufficiently-large so as to be difficult to edit or read.
04:52:04 AM Nov 13th 2012
Page is over 400,000 charactes long. It should be split. Feel free to do it.
01:24:40 AM Nov 15th 2012
I made some changes to the pages, mostly I just moved main villains to the top of the Villain folder, made more sense since main heroes where also placed at the top. I also removed Dio Brando from the SBR folder, since he didn't appear (Diego Brando From Another World=/=Dio Brando)
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