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08:39:05 PM Nov 2nd 2014
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So, shall we go with Idris Elba as the new Sergeant for the 12th Inspector, then?
03:32:22 AM Oct 13th 2014
With regard to images for character entries, unless we have a uniform formatting for pictures and examples for each person, like the corresponding one for DW on TV Tropes, it looks inconsistent and awkward. Even the DW sections aren't uniform—250x350 for the new series Doctors and companions, but only approximately 300x450 for classic and 150x195 pixel head shots for classic companions. Following that format would require not only a lot of image uploads but also a great deal of Photoshop processing, even after deciding on the way to go.

Can we decide first on how to proceed before adding images piecemeal?
03:43:22 AM Oct 13th 2014
I am guessing that images are being added piecemeal, meaning that they end up being of various sizes.
03:06:33 AM Oct 14th 2014
The result looks rather awkward, though, and doesn't reflect the meta-parody of a well-organised TV Tropes page. And the more images that are uploaded to this page before this is settled, the more awkward it will look and the more unwieldy it will be to straighten out.

Since there are a ton of images to add, shall we go forward with 150x195 head shots to reflect the layout of the one of the TV Tropes DW pages?
05:18:59 AM Oct 28th 2014
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Just to check in (after being away for a bit), I've uploaded a batch of images for the Inspectors, sized at the larger 200x280, and for the Monster/Villains, sized at 150x195. I'm almost finished with the 150x195 head shots for the associates, etc.. so I'll start uploading them shortly. Cheers,
08:42:30 PM Nov 2nd 2014
(I'm still working on the portrait project, which has run into a complication since TV Tropes' formatting doesn't wrap text around images very tightly. This will require a bit more work to get them to flow properly.)
10:44:03 AM Nov 23rd 2014
At this point, formatting the text wrap for the images doesn't have an obvious solution. (Ideally, an image should move the text down X lines for the shorter entries.) If any Troper who has more layout experience would like to try revising this, that would be most appreciated. Thanks,
05:31:36 AM Aug 26th 2014
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With Doctor Who's Series 8 underway and Community's Season 6 in the works, the outstanding issue of the Twelfth Inspector's casting requires some kind of resolution or at least a temporary fix. We've had a ton of excellent, creative suggestions of actors for the role, both here and on the IS wiki in the past year. The one and only thing they have in common, though, is that everyone has their own idea of who would be perfect as the Inspector. Since the hive mind is no nearer to reaching a consensus than when we started, a lateral move is the best option: Leave the casting explicitly unanswered and open to tropers/wiki readers to imagine whomever the wish. (This approach also has the advantage of not having to change much if Dan Harmon gets around to more Inspector appearances on Community.)

Having a cipher as the Twelfth Inspector turns the question into its own answer and offers us new possibilities for parodying/pastiching Doctor Who, especially since Capaldi's performance is emphasising his new Doctor's unknown/unresolved character. Using the ascii code 254 (Windows - alt+254; HTML █) creates a black "redacted" box for formatting purposes, like so ██████████, and makes the unnamed casting explicit going forward.

Thanks again to everyone for all the great suggestions!
11:09:49 PM Dec 3rd 2011
While I do agree that having Mark Williams last two seasons as the Ninth Inspector is rather clever, it goes against what is set down on the episode recap page. Unless someone feels like making up a whole new season for him, that should probably be changed.
06:09:16 PM Aug 3rd 2012
Just to put this on record, we dispensed with the two-series Ninth Inspector concept and went with a one-to-one correspondence of IS:DW seasons.
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