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12:35:05 PM Aug 18th 2013
General cleanup, including:
  • Removed tropes that aren't used for characterization. "This happened to X" isn't characterization, it's plot stuff.
  • Commented out Zero Context Examples. Please provide context before un-commenting them.
  • Spoilers adjusted to bring them more in line with Handling Spoilers, in particular the part about never hiding trope names and that the sentence still makes sense even if the spoiler is cut out completely.
  • Example Indentation
05:52:28 AM Sep 11th 2013
Jata entries removed:
  • 419 scam isn't a characterization, and in any case while they do frequently come from Africa (see the name, plus its common alternate name "Nigerian scam"), that doesn't necessarily mean all references to royalty from Africa are part of a 419 scam.
  • Squee isn't a characterization, either. Character pages are basically for tropes that illustrate the character of a given individual in the story, whether directly or by giving a justification for them acting in certain ways.

I commented out Jata's name but didn't delete it because there will most likely be characterization for him during the course of the current storyline, so it's left there as a placeholder of sorts.
02:35:18 PM Jan 29th 2013

This has been replaced with an index full of Bunny Tropes. Please pick which specific tropes if any applied to this work.
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