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02:15:20 PM Jul 15th 2017
Karkat should really have Cosmic Plaything as one of his tropes. He's got a laundry list of misfortune and failure with only two successes to his name; creating himself, his friends, and their ancestors as grubs and beating Clover. He's been killed twice, has a mutant blood color that could've gotten him killed BEFORE SGRUB, lives in the shadow of literal troll Jesus, had to deal with a bunch of disfunctional teenagers for so long, fails as a leader at every attempt, got woken up before he could get the chance for a hit on Lord English, and gave the universe cancer.
11:02:23 PM Nov 4th 2012
So...what's up with the way the troll pages are divided now? The distinction between major and minor is quite blurry, and the organization seems pretty arbitrary to me. I for one preferred how it was before (organized by sign), but if there's a good reason for it being this way, I'm curious to hear it.
08:21:17 AM Nov 5th 2012
edited by Scardoll
Same here. It just seems rather pointless and makes a value judgement when nobody can even agree what the categories are. To be major can't just mean having screentime, because Gamzee is a major troll despite not having much and Tavros is a minor troll. It can't be "effect on plot", because Kanaya has had very little effect on the plot, while Aradia has had a ton.

Plus, it's going to result in people switching characters around whenever a "minor" troll does something major like Aradia stopping Jack Noir in "[S] Wake" or Sollux firing the meteor.
10:42:59 PM Jun 12th 2012
Can someone add Nepeta's nickname for Karkat? (It's Karkitty) I can't edit HS pages.
01:24:08 AM Apr 17th 2012
edited by Kurtulmak
Hey, who deleted the general trolls page for the consolidated tropes they all share and why?

(Edit: Found the editor responsible since all he/she did was shift the pages and PM'd him/her. I would delete this comment, but there's no facility to do so.)

02:54:55 AM Sep 9th 2011
I think the bit about the Ancestors is getting far too big and messy. Perhaps we should start about splitting them into sections for each Ancestor, like with the other trolls?
08:03:09 AM Nov 4th 2011
I'm not sure about that, since there are a lot of repeated tropes between them, but I'd support at least folderizing the two main sections.
11:11:09 PM Aug 11th 2011
For some reason, I seem unable to edit this page, or any Homestuck-related pages, for that matter. Could someone add a sentence or something about how the Ancestors played Sgrub themselves? I think I have a decent, succinct explanation right here.

We later learn that the Ancestors had come from a peaceful Alternia and played Sgrub themselves. However, since they weren't prepared for the game, they were forced to Scratch their session and so become the ancestors of the twelve trolls we know.
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