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12:36:43 PM Apr 2nd 2011
edited by DeepC
Random Food for a thought:

If an abused cat can become a Red Lantern, then whose to say that other abused animals can't become Red Lanterns? Especially elephants; their families are separated by poaching and they're beaten in circuses. Now imagine a Red Lantern elephant and the destruction it could cause...
12:07:17 PM Apr 6th 2011
edited by Filby
It's definitely possible, but I don't know if the Red Lanterns have a "one member per space sector rule" like the GLC, which would rule out other Earth animals.
12:11:19 PM Apr 6th 2011
edited by SchizoTechnician
Not neccesarily. The GLC has a 2-members-per sector rule, but Earth has at least four of 'em anyway because its the keystone of the local multiverse and the home of The Entity, and there were always mitigating circumstances that justified bending regulations. GLC gets to keep Kyle and John, RLC can get Dumbo and Hachiko if the situation arises.
09:27:30 PM Apr 25th 2011
edited by DeepC
Then someone needs to send a letter to DC Comics to support the "Red Lantern Elephant".
10:39:37 PM May 10th 2011
edited by DeepC

I don't know about Hachiko being a Red Lantern, he'd be more of a Blue Lantern if anything.
10:28:01 AM Mar 10th 2011
Considering the extreme length to which this article is rapidly growing, would anyone object to splitting the character sheet into separate sub-pages, like the Smallville character sheet?
01:32:22 PM Apr 16th 2011
OK, it's been over a month and no one's replied, so I'm going to assume no one objects. Splitting: commence.
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