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08:32:56 AM Feb 2nd 2015
edited by arachne
Just did a massive overhaul and reorganization of this page. I'm going to get the main page next, and then add some things to YMMV and Trivia. Some things of note that I can remember:

  • Hiro is not an Unlucky Childhood Friend to Shuichi. That would require Hiro to have a compatible orientation with him, which is only the case in the Remix doujins, and those are definitely not canon.
  • Tohma is not a Closet Key. I'm having trouble understanding where that came from, since there are several (now noted) actual examples of this trope in the series.
  • Holy crap guys, the way Yoshiki was written about was absolutely appalling. Yoshiki should only and always be identified as female, because that's how she's actually characterized. Murakami's failure to rise above common Japanese sensibilities regarding the subject is absolutely not an excuse for tropers using improper pronouns and discourse when writing about this character.

I'm going to come back and add more since obviously there are characters who still need more work.

I know I changed a lot so if anyone disagrees with any changes, let's discuss it.
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