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04:03:27 AM Aug 11th 2013
In TRS, it was decided that an English Rose must be English if Played Straight. American girls are out, but if you find here any Played With trope, add it back. But I decided to remove this wick:

03:51:31 AM Dec 7th 2012

On the topic of Kitty, is there a trope for her little unnerved reaction when she told Marley to "Drink the damn juice" ? It doesn't seems to meet the criterias of a My God, What Have I Done? moment, there was no It's All My Fault, but I'm wondering if there is a trope which indicates a beginning of remorse (since even she might have realized this had gone too far). Also, I guess it's way too soon to add the Karma Houdini trope: the season is far from being over, and Santana already has suspisions (though only time will tell if Santana will come back to denounce Kitty's behaviour).