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01:51:13 PM May 14th 2017
I have been thinking of adding some more pages, which would move more characters out of the Others page. Currently thinking of three potential pages.

An Oniwabanshu page, as more characters will be added there, including the rest of the Shinobi 5 and Kagemaru. Alternatively it can be a page called Ninja or Ninjas, in which case the Iga Ninja Clans can be moved there as well. Other ninjas like Saizo and the Assassins of Assassins Squad could also be added to it. Currently in favor of just Oniwabanshu but have been considering the latter.

A Naraku page, because of their prominent role as antagonists in the series, even if they only have three characters thus far. Could add the Tendoshu to it, but might have to call it Tendoshu and Naraku instead (or vice versa), potentially. Currently in favor of just Naraku.

The last would be a page for the Supernatural Elements of the series, like the Onmyoji, Shikigami, and the ghosts of the Senbokyo Inn (and maybe the miko sisters?). Alternatively just a page for the Onmyoji and Shikigami.
03:14:21 AM Jan 3rd 2017
I am thinking the Gintama Others page may be in need of getting split up soon.

These are the current options I'm thinking of:
  • A Yagyu Clan page, as adding their own Four Heavenly Kings will give them three more characters on the page.
  • An Amanto page, to cover the likes of Prince Hata, the Renho, and the Altana Liberation Army.
  • And -maybe- an Allies / Friends and Family page for the major supporting characters not on other pages. Like the Anti-Foreigner Faction and the Kaientai.
05:38:55 AM Jan 24th 2017
Bumping this, I am thinking between making it just an Amanto page or an Amanto Factions page, whichever sounds better.
03:16:19 AM Sep 9th 2014
I'm going to make a new page for Yoshiwara soon, but even then, the Other Characters page for Gintama is likely going to grow. The question then is, will said page need further splits further down the line?

If it does, some options to be considered for the future:
  • New page for friends and allies, using the Anti-Foreigner Faction, Kaientai, Oniwabanshu and Yagyu Clan folders, as well as characters like Umibouzu. Of course which characters are considered close enough might blur the line.
  • Alternatively, a new page for Amanto unaffliated with other groups. Characters like Umibouzu and Hata, as well as folders like Ryugujo and Renho.
11:39:51 AM Aug 2nd 2013
Shouldn't it be more character pages?
02:23:05 PM Aug 8th 2013
I am in agreement. The question though is how do we divide the characters?
03:23:52 AM Aug 18th 2013
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Given the ever-growing character cast of the series (and the more to come), I suggest that the pages would be probably distributed in Main Cast (Yorozuya and Shinsengumi), Allies, Antagonists, and Others (Four Emperors of Kabukichou, Residents of Kabukichou, Others).
11:48:54 AM Aug 18th 2013
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A good start, though I'd rather group them together by groups and less by roles they fill.



Bakufu (Tokugawa clan, Mimawarigumi, maybe also Tendoshu and Naraku?)

Kabukicho (Residents and Four Devas. Can potentially be split)

Antagonists (Can potentially be split into Kiheitai and Harusame, while some of the other antagonists can be assigned to other pages)

Others (Katsura's faction, Kaientai, Yagyu clan, Yoshiwara, Oniwabanshu, etc.)

In regards to Others in particular, it's possible that Yoshiwara and the Yagyu clan could get their own pages as well, provided we place Jiraia and Hosen in under Yoshiwara (If we split the Antagonists page into Kiheitai and Harusame) and include the Yagyu clan's top students.
08:11:50 PM Aug 18th 2013
That's the idea, too.

It could also work like that. It's clear, that the series has a LOT of minor almost extra characters, too... and knowing how Sorachi is, he could bring them back later, and introduce a whole mass of other characters too (the last few arcs we saw the introduction of other villains and stuff like that).

And also, it depends if the characters are separated in groups (I think you were referring to files?)

In the case of Yoshiwara and the Yagyu clan, it really depends because, from Yoshiwara, we know mostly about Tsukuyo, Seita and Hinowa (and Suzuran). From the Yagyu, besides Kyuubei and Tojo having appearing more frequently in the series, the others 'top' members have been left in the dark.

12:21:36 AM Aug 19th 2013
Groups, files, whichever definition works best... '^^

The Yagyu getting their own page kinda is dependant on adding its other members and their Four devas, which we don't know a whole lot about, because they haven't really had much of a role outside of the Yagyu arc. Apart from Tojo and Kyuubei, the member we probably know the most about is Kyuubei's grandfather Binbokusai.

Similarly, Yoshiwara getting its own page is dependant on Hosen and Jiraia being added there, provided we split the Antagonists page into Kiheitai and Harusame, which I'm pretty much in favor for (Though the Harusame will also need additions like Daraku, Admiral Aho- Abo, Ungyo, etc.). Ito could be assigned to the Shinsengumi page, Sadasada and Oboro to the Bakufu, while Kintoki could be assigned to Kabukicho. That just leaves Pirako...
03:15:43 AM Aug 19th 2013
Pirako giving being the daughter of one of the 4 Devas and helped another of them as well, could be thrown in its entry, but then again... spoilers of the arc, I suppose.
03:24:15 AM Aug 19th 2013
I'd propose just somewhere in the Others page.
11:06:28 AM Aug 20th 2013
So... yeah... should we go with my setup, with Kiheitai and Harusame instead of Antagonists? Yagyu and Yoshiwara could start out as folders under Others unless they grow bigger.
09:41:55 PM Aug 20th 2013
I think this is for the better. Yes, let's do this.
04:16:14 AM Aug 21st 2013
Done. Just needs to be refined now.
06:28:10 PM Jan 31st 2013
Do you think we should add Tetsuko Murata? or Soyohime?
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