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02:09:05 PM Oct 1st 2012

Badass Spaniard has been renamed to Dashing Hispanic. The trope requires some necessary characteristics, like being a rogue Anti-Hero of wit and charm, kind of like Zorro. There is not enough context to tell if it fits here.
02:09:21 PM Oct 22nd 2012
Rex defintly fits, he's skilled with his powers, something of a Ladies man, and very charismatic. Dos... Well, we don't know if he has a love life, but he's quite agile, and especially skilled with a sword. He also seemed fairly easy going.
01:24:14 PM Mar 8th 2012
edited by IronAnimation
Could we reorganize the characters into the standard hero,villain, secondary chaacter format? This worked the first two seasons, but now it's just confusing with all the side switches, and seeing villain names on a supposed hero list can be spoiler-ish.The pack has been disbanded and spread out, while providence has been collecting and massively reorganized. The pack arn't even all that relevant anymore.. the only characters in either the pack or providence categories that are still solid are: Caesar Biowolf Scalamander

that's it.3 out of 15. on top of that, ZAG, Scarecrow, and Alpha from the other category could potentially be with providence.
07:23:47 PM Oct 30th 2010
The page doesn't seem to be working for me. I went to add "No Nudity Taboo" for Dr. Holiday, and when I went to save the change, the page was completely blank, as if everything had just been deleted. Anyone have any clue what's going on?
07:24:45 PM Oct 30th 2010
edited by SchizoTechnician
I don't know, but its happening on other pages too... Looks like any edits done are blanking pages. edit: Not any edits, it seems... but I can't see a pattern.
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