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03:03:14 AM Aug 31st 2017
Shouldn't Rhaego be in the Dohtraki page?
03:54:40 AM Aug 31st 2017
That's tricky! I think because he was never born alive (and therefore, he never got to exist for the Dothraki) and is associated in-universe with Daenerys as her unborn child (with the loss of Drogo, Daenerys is the only one who thinks of him), I believe Rhaego should stay here. Plus, the only vision we have of him is via Daenerys' vision.

But yeah, that's my vote. Somebody else may have a more compelling argument :)
03:33:23 AM Jun 1st 2015
Perhaps a good idea would be to replicate what is done on the Song of Ice and Fire character pages: create a separate sub-page for Daenaerys' court, and leave this page for her relatives.
12:24:37 PM Apr 21st 2015
Cut this iffy part, Thread Mode and Conversation in the Main Page full of ifs and maybes... Moved here in case a proper example can be made out of it.

  • Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole: In regards to the above Adapted Out trope, Rhaelle's potential removal is the most troublesome - her being Robert's grandmother means that when the Targaryens were overthrown and exiled, his family line had the strongest bloodline claim to the throne due to direct descent from Aegon V; the second-strongest claim is by House Martell, since the daughter of Aegon IV (and sister of Daeron II "The Good"), Daenerys, married ruling Prince Maron Martell (thus being ancestor to current ruling Prince Doran Martell) and is confirmed to exist within the show's continuity by the same materials. Although Robert's claim to the throne came by force (despite his claims that it's from Orys Baratheon, rumored to be Aegon the Conquerer's half-brother), this would still give House Martell of the show the potential to contest House Baratheon's claim to the Iron Throne by claiming a more direct line of descent.
    • On the other hand, given the political climate of Westeros in the past 20 odd years, it could be argued that: a) the Martells simply don't care about having the stronger claim (despite enmity with House Lannister and through them, their nominal allies House Baratheon, or are otherwise biding their time to strike; b) Orys' blood gives a stronger claim than Princess Daenerys's because he was a man; or c) Robert's grandmother still exists but may just not have been mentioned in supplementary materials yet.
      • Option C might have more weight than expected, given what the above materials give us about the timeline - Robert's year of birth is given as 252 AL (11 years before the books), while Aerys would be around 234 (see his section below), and his parents are still Steffon and Cassana like in the books. Considering that men and women seem more likely to marry at greater ages than in the books (from what is given in-series), this means that Lord Steffon's mother might indeed have been a Targaryen in this continuity (and that Robert, with his hatred of the family, refuses to acknowledge/remember it) - in the books, King Aegon had 2 sisters of unspecified fates, so it's possible that one of them has become a Composite Character with the book's Rhaelle and is Robert's grandmother in the TV-series continuity.
07:07:45 PM Jun 6th 2013
... can we cut the individual Dragons' profiles? They're all pretty much the same as the "Dragons In General" copy/pasted.
07:00:50 AM Jun 7th 2013
It was indeed a not very meaningful copy and paste addition
12:01:14 PM Jul 4th 2013
I'm going to cut them.
01:27:06 PM Jun 3rd 2013
Concerning Daario: I don't want to start an alignment wank, wouldn't Chaotic Neutral fit him better than Chaotic Evil? He hasn't exactly acted like a mustache-twirling maniac who does things for Teh Evulz, just someone who does whatever the heck he wants to do.
08:11:27 PM Jun 6th 2013
Character Alignments aren't even supposed to be on character pages, so I will get rid of it (for the record though, I'd say Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil depending on how sincere some of his sentiments are).
05:49:54 AM May 28th 2013
was Viserys really concidered a King by anyone who wasn't himself?
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