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12:50:31 AM Oct 19th 2015
This entry is being contested so I'm moving it here, the toning down of Theon's arrogance and cruelty seems to be the arguable part. I have no opinion myself, the example was outwardly valid, but if the info is not factual then it's not an example.

  • Adaptational Heroism: While his overall actions aren't that much different between book and tv series, Theon's arrogance and cruelty are toned down in the show.
10:55:26 AM Oct 19th 2015
I find this gets way overused for works like this. Any time someone acts in any way different from the source material, they're listed as either more Heroic or Villainous even though it's clearly not the writers' intention, they just had to cut some things here or there.

In this case, I'd say it doesn't really apply because he's supposed to be a giant assfaced clown to a roughly equal degree, claiming that he's nicer here is really splitting hairs.
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