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08:51:40 AM May 30th 2012
edited by ArcadesSabboth

I removed this because it is MISUSE of that trope and does not belong on character pages. This trope has been redefined and clarified in the Trope Repair Shop, and the misuse is being removed from all pages where it does not belong.

This trope does NOT belong on character pages except in a very few very unusual circumstances. It is a setting trope, not a character trope.

I had to remove this a second time because somebody reverted my cleanup edit with no edit reason or justification. Please don't interfere with or revert cleanup efforts like that. If you disagree with the redefinition of this trope, please discuss it on that trope's discussion page or in the Trope Repair Shop. Don't just revert edits without giving any reason.

And please don't add tropes to pages without even bothering to read the trope defintion. The definition of Reptiles Are Abhorrent clearly states that it is not a character trope and does not belong on character pages.
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