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06:38:40 AM Dec 12th 2012
The listing for Empathetic Weapon is incorrect. It says that the weapons themselves felt bad about the killing. Looking back on the source material, I don't think it was the weapons that felt bad. The comics say that the enemies cut with the weapons remorse, however brief.

As in, the people of Nok used the heat of the indigo light as a force to make weapons. Those weapons were then irradiated by the power of compassion. So when those weapons cut the invaders, the invaders temporarily felt remorse.

That doesn't seem to match the definition of the Empathetic Weapon trope, but I didn't want to erase the entry entirely because I am still relatively new to being registered with TV Tropes, and I didn't know if there was some other trope that fit better. So I am bringing it up here.
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