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05:50:48 AM Aug 27th 2017
Why is Izumi on the Main Characters page? She hardly gets as much screentime as the others on this page, May Chang gets more screentime and she's on Other (maybe we should swap them).

10:49:58 AM Aug 27th 2017
agree for move Izumi in Other
05:17:59 PM Jul 29th 2014
Of all images, why that one for Ed? He has a weird expression on his face, and he's holding Envy's true form in his hand, so once you know what you're looking at, it's kind of a spoiler.
05:40:55 AM Jul 30th 2014
Well first off, the page has a spoiler warning. And... what's the spoiler you're referring to? That he holds Envy at some point? By the time you see that form of Envy, it's defeated so that's not a spoiler like... at all.

I do agree it's a bad image though. A more neutral expression would be good. I'm surprised this page doesn't use the eyecatches, to be honest.
05:51:14 AM Jul 30th 2014
Not a spoiler, plus it's barely visible. Personally, I don't like that facial expression at all, but it's a minor concern.
07:00:52 PM Apr 22nd 2015
edited by Sullytofu
I'd actually perfer a much different one, perhaps like this?

This pose is far more dynamic, shows off much more of the character, and well.. Isn't that much of a spoiler? Also, if you're going through the series it can be inferred that the man next to him is Scar, so that could spoil that they team up. yeah yeah spoiler warning and shit but STILL
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