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05:17:59 PM Jul 29th 2014
Of all images, why that one for Ed? He has a weird expression on his face, and he's holding Envy's true form in his hand, so once you know what you're looking at, it's kind of a spoiler.
05:40:55 AM Jul 30th 2014
Well first off, the page has a spoiler warning. And... what's the spoiler you're referring to? That he holds Envy at some point? By the time you see that form of Envy, it's defeated so that's not a spoiler like... at all.

I do agree it's a bad image though. A more neutral expression would be good. I'm surprised this page doesn't use the eyecatches, to be honest.
05:51:14 AM Jul 30th 2014
Not a spoiler, plus it's barely visible. Personally, I don't like that facial expression at all, but it's a minor concern.
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