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09:37:51 PM Jul 22nd 2013
What makes Scootaloo's headegear a Cool Helmet?
01:34:39 PM Oct 27th 2012
I don't see why the Flash Forward cutie marks in the recipes PDF from The Hub's website couldn't count as All There in the Manual; they're information from official material that isn't part of the series itself. Said official material using fan work shouldn't cancel out its status as official material; for instance, the names DJ Pon-3, Lyra Heartstrings, Mayor Mare, and Octavia all have origins as Fan Nicknames (wholly or partially, depending on the case), but they're still official out-of-show names.
02:52:47 PM Oct 27th 2012
DJ Pon3 and Lyra have toys, and toy names do fall under All There in the Manual since they're just background ponies in a Merchandise-Driven show. Mayor Mare and Octavia got their names put into the trading cards, which comes with descriptions of the characters. Time Turner's job as the town's time-keeper and the Mayor's assistant falls under All There in the Manual cause that information comes from the cards. Toys and Cards about My Little Pony.

This is a recipe for popcorn that has some old fanart attached to it for some reason. They may very well change it if someone goes "Wait, this cute CMC pic has cutie marks on it!"

I'm not saying its not official. Of course its official, its from The Hub's website. I'm saying its not a "manual" that contains relevant information regarding the characters. Its not Expanded Universe, Word of God, Word of St. Paul, script notes...its a popcorn recipe.
04:27:06 AM Oct 28th 2012
edited by Whatshisgame
I hate to bring in extremely unlikely hypothetical situations, but if The Hub's website (or another official website) released a PDF using fanart showing an unnamed character wearing a "hello, my name is" nametag, that'd make the name on it that character's name (as long as that character remained unnamed in more-official stuff), right? This is similar to that, but with cutie marks instead of names.
10:42:00 AM Oct 28th 2012
I'll admit this is an odd situation, but look at the All There in the Manual page, specifically the Western Animation folder. Do you see any food recipes cited as examples?

The PDF file has next-to-nothing to do with My Little Pony or Littlest Pet Shop other than including art work and the name of some of the snacks. Its meant for parents to make snacks for their kids, not to learn about ponies.

Lets not forget that in the show itself we have background fillies with revolving door cutie marks.

I feel we shouldn't rely on unlikely hypothetical situations, but lets say we were dealing with Transformers Prime here. The recipes were exactly the same except with Transformers and G.I. Joe characters. Included in the PDF file is some fanart of Soundwave with a guitar. Prime!Soundwave has no guitar in the show, comics, and shows no musical interests (his alt-mode isn't even a cassette player anymore, its a predator drone!), but the guy who made the fanart now works on the show. Would you add that Soundwave owns a guitar on the Transformers Prime character page as an example of All There in the Manual?

I have a feeling the Transformer editors on This Wiki would disagree.

If you honestly feel its important to point out the recipes picture, then find a trope that somehow better fits this situation or make a note of it somewhere. Popcorn recipes are not examples of All There in the Manual.
03:06:34 PM Oct 28th 2012
Well, I see the All There in the Manual page mentioning a calendar that listed Scooby-Doo characters' ages; calendars are probably about as distantly related as recipes.

That hypothetical Transformers Prime guitar example doesn't exactly work, since that fanart just shows Soundwave playing the guitar rather than specifying who owns the guitar.

But my point about calendars and recipes doesn't really matter now, because I think I have found a better-fitting trope than All There in the Manual: Side Story Bonus Art (though that trope would belong on MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic.Tropes Q To S rather than on this character page). Should I go ahead and use that trope?
03:28:59 PM Oct 28th 2012
My point with the Transformers example was that Prime!Soundwave has never been shown in the vicinity of a guitar and thus its assumed he doesn't own or spend his spare time jamming. Animated!Soundwave, however....

But yeah, Side Story Bonus Art is much better for this as we're talking about a piece of artwork that could fall under the description of "official fanart". Didn't know we had that one, is that a new trope? If I'm reading it correctly, we could also throw in stuff like Sibsy's Wild Fire drawings under that trope.
11:44:23 PM Jun 28th 2012
A troper's cutie mark done:
03:41:57 PM Aug 22nd 2012
A fanfic needs to be written based off of that troper cutie mark quote thing at the top of the page here!
05:43:08 AM Nov 7th 2011
Why is the use of Hold Your Hippogriffs terms "inappropriate?"
06:54:22 PM Oct 16th 2011
Whats the correct trope for that squeak Sweetie Belle has when speaking certain words?
03:09:02 PM Jul 29th 2012
The correct term is a voice crack. Unsure if there's a trope for it.
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