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04:15:43 PM Jul 3rd 2012
I'm pretty sure Mayor Mare was named in-universe, so her name is not Ascended Fanon.
09:04:53 PM Jul 13th 2012
Nope, she was always just called "The Mayor" in the show. Mayor Mare was indeed a Fan Nickname before being put into the trading cards.
12:00:30 PM Mar 5th 2012
Why is Iron Will on both the Minor Characters page AND the Celebronies page? Which one does he actually belong on?
03:43:39 PM Feb 12th 2012
About the Flower Trio. Are we really going to count them as part of the Supporting Cast? They never really play a large role in an episode, just the Running Gag of getting scared over something.

You could say that its implied that Daisy gave whatever was needed for Zecora to make an antidote, but thats just one scene. Supporting means they play a role throughout an episode.
06:27:38 PM Jan 24th 2012
Does anyone else think that having the characters split up by location is a good idea any longer? I kinda don't like the idea that there are folders that have only a single character in it. Most of the action would take place in Ponyville anyway, and if Derpy gets moved to this page, I think it would be far too big compared to the other folders.

We really should find another way to group them...
04:03:27 PM Jan 25th 2012
Would anyone mind if they were grouped by episode appearances? It'll basically have two folders: One for supporting characters who have appeared in one episode and another for one-shot characters who have only appeared in one. They'll also be listed by the order of their appearances from the earliest to latest. I'd love some feedback before I go changing it on people...
11:19:45 PM Dec 14th 2011
I've added a number of characters from the Background page to here.

To put it simply I feel they rank as Minor Characters. While this page is mostly being used for supporting characters like Zecora. While there's nothing wrong with this persay someone who is a character goes beyond simply needing to have an episode revolve around them. Also because I feel with the ever increasing amount of special characters in the show we will wind up overflowing with "special" background ponies and comparatively sparse on minor ones.

So I'm organizing along these lines:

  • Its not about length of appearance or impact on an episode, its about the show itself providing personality for a pony.
  • Official names help, but are not strictly required.
  • Having Lines a must (this goes along with personality)

So someone like Pony Joe is only there briefly but while he may be a fairly stock bartender personality, he still has one which put him leagues ahead of jokes like the Lebowski ponies or even someone like the silent Octavia who's shown up more. And of course well over the true filler characters like Bon-Bon who has a different voice every time we've heard her or Lyra who loves to show up multiple times a scene.

03:24:30 PM Jan 21st 2012
Does Derpy make the cut to be a minor character now?
03:37:32 PM Jan 21st 2012
edited by PDL
Right now she's about as important in the show as Junebug (who actually doesn't even have an entry).

I'd personally wait for more of these kinds of appearances in later episodes.
10:03:33 PM Jan 21st 2012
Pony Joe has an entry, though, and he had far less lines and screentime in his only appearance.
11:57:54 AM Jan 22nd 2012
edited by PDL
I'd still wait for more appearances to flesh out her Canon character since most of what is known about her is still squarely in fanon. There's no real rush to get her in the minor characters just yet. We have plenty of time left.
12:34:02 PM Jan 28th 2012
This page is suppose to be for the Supporting Cast, like the Mayor, Cheerilee, Zecora, etc. I'd argue that Pony Joe and the Flower Trio don't count, but I don't want to be involved in a cross-page Edit War. Again.

Derpy is still just a Recurring Extra. An extremely popular extra that got one speaking scene in an episode as a Fandom Nod.
07:39:40 PM Nov 8th 2011
I read the folder on the guards, and it doesn't mention that they totally suck at the more serious part of their job. is there a trope for that?
08:00:35 PM Nov 8th 2011
Well they seem to be Equestria's equivalent of a police force so maybe the Police Are Useless trope fits them?
06:39:33 AM Oct 25th 2011
Why are the "various monsters" here? Shouldn't they also be in the antagonists section given that most of these guys are sort-of-villains (since most of them are just dangerous and not genuinely evil)?
08:35:06 AM Oct 25th 2011
I think the only reason that keeps them here is Steven Magnet the sea serpent, he's definitely not evil... but he only has one trope to his name. Its one of those cases where we're troping anything that moves.
03:21:57 PM Oct 25th 2011
edited by Whatshisgame
I've always thought that we should change the Animal Companions section to just Animals and move the non-speaking monsters there. Then we could categorize the speaking ones as we would any other non-pony characters.
08:34:18 AM Oct 29th 2011
edited by ArfArkFace
Mythological creatures (like the dragons and the hydra) aren't exactly animals plus some of them are also sentient so I think the title "Animals" wouldn't make any sense. We need to think of another name where we could put any creature, sentient or not, animal or mythological, that is not a pony. How about "Non-Pony Characters"?

Now we have to think on how to categorize these guys. By type? By place?, By sentience?, by plot importance?, etc.
02:52:46 PM Dec 14th 2011
The section's fine as it is. The one thing these characters have in common is that they show up and inconvenience the ponies in some way. A few have the capacity to talk, but they're still basically wild animals and are True Neutral as far as alignment is concerned.

Splitting them up would be completely pointless because you'll only end up one sections with a single entry, which should really only be reserved for major characters.
01:59:47 PM Oct 24th 2011
edited by ArfArkFace
What makes a minor character? What makes a pony more than just a background character? We should discuss this matter to clarify things once and for all.

Here's what I purpose should be the guidelines:

  • The pony has an official/canon name.
  • The pony appears in two or more episodes playing a noticeable role.
  • The majority of the pony's appearances are seen playing noticeable roles.
  • The pony has a consistent voice actor/actress.
  • The pony has a persistent trait/behavior such as a career and/or personality.
  • The pony has at least interacted with major characters more than once.
  • The pony is officially recognized.
  • The pony has an official toy.

This would do as a starting point. I encourage everyone interested to contribute. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, questions, etc. are welcome.
03:42:09 PM Oct 24th 2011
edited by Calnos
I started this same discussion over on the Background Ponies page. Ah, the joys of splitting up the character page :P

We may need to work this a little bit more

  • Some background ponies do have official names (Rose & Caramel are primary examples)
  • A select few have official toys, though some with different names (Rose/Roseluck, Daisy/Flower Wishes, and Lemon Hearts)
  • Several background ponies have interacted with the main characters (Carrot Top in "Swarm of the Century" and you could possibly count "Boast Busters", Bon Bon in "Call of the Cutie" and "Green Isn't Your Color") though their voices rarely stay the same if they speak more than once.

Personally I think they have to contribute to the plot beyond being in a gag scene. The Spa Ponies for example are just doing their job at the beginning of "Green Isn't Your Color" and aren't seen for the rest of the episode if I recall and have nothing to do with the plot of that episode. This could also be kinda iffy though, I think one could argue that Doctor Whoof and Bon Bon in "Call of the Cutie" played a part in Apple Bloom discovering that her special talent is not apple selling.

And then you have Cheerilee, who actually was background pony status before showing up in "Call of the Cutie" as a Ascended Extra.

I think the main thing is they take part in the plot somehow and are regarded as somewhat important. Thoughts?
06:01:28 AM Oct 25th 2011
edited by ArfArkFace
Good point. Ponies that have contributed to the plot should be considered minor characters.

Both Doctor Whoof and BonBon don't have a consistent characterization and voice actors so that's a big minus for both of them.

The Flower trio on the other hand seems to be quite consistent in their characterization as the first to react to a disaster or scary situation in Ponyville but unfortunately their voice actors aren't consistent.

The same could be said with the spa ponies although we have only seen one of them talk once.

I am curious though as to how "The Mule" got into the list seeing as he was there for the sole purpose of contributing to a particular joke and that he only appeared in only one episode. Aside from the fact that he is voiced by one of the crew, to me he doesn't seem to be that significant to be in the minor characters section.

Hayseed, like Cheerilee was at first was a background pony but on "The Best Night Ever" he got a role and a voice actor with Fluttershy. Specifically the "mistaken identity" scene and the "box trap" scene so I guess he has contributed to the plot in a way. Yet that was his only significant role in the show so far but the crew plans on using this character in future episodes.

The more I think about it, the more I see that some of these ponies should be in a sort of "extras" category since they are neither significant enough to be a minor character yet are not insignificant enough to be just a crowd filler in the background.

08:27:50 AM Oct 25th 2011
If the Mule were a pony, he'd be a background pony. I think someone just added him because he's a Creator Cameo.

Hayseed is very much a Recurring Extra, one a bit more unique looking and a personality. If they do use him again would it have to be in Canterlot due to his scene in Best Night Ever? Perhaps we should wait until he shows up again and see how the show runners treat him.
03:18:32 PM Oct 25th 2011
edited by Whatshisgame
I'm the one who added the Mule here; I would've put him in Background Ponies, but he isn't a pony, so...

EDIT: The Cows are technically more notable than the Mule, since they're in "Applebuck Season" and "Boast Busters" while the Mule is only in "Applebuck Season".
03:50:45 PM Oct 25th 2011
You know, not every creature with a speaking part needs a spot on the character pages...

...Says the guy who sinks a bunch of time into the Background Ponies page :P

If anything we might make a folder for non-ponies on the background ponies page since that's basically the bottom tier as far as characters in this show goes.
02:25:58 PM Oct 26th 2011
How about this for qualifications of going on this page?

  • They have a name. Even if No Name Given, they're called something, like the Mayor.
  • They interact with the mane characters, as this is essentially the Supporting Cast that don't fit in Mane Family Members, Antagonists, or Celebronies.
  • They show up in more than one episode, or if only one episode they show up throughout that episode, like the "Over a Barrel" characters we have listed

Really I think the Appleloosa characters are a good standard to go by, they only show up for that one episode but are definitely not background extras.
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