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05:29:25 PM Feb 26th 2014
Why is XIII-2 split onto one page and then Lightning Returns remains here, and why do characters have different profiles between them? The way I usually see it done with things like this, characters get one profile, located on the page for their game of origin.
06:30:31 PM Mar 17th 2014
Bump. Anyone object to three pages, one each for chars introduced in each game, and all their relevant tropes go in one profile for them?
06:23:45 AM Mar 23rd 2014
The Lightning Returns cast is here because that character page redirects here, I don't know how to change that so I've put in a request for it at ATT.

In the meantime, if this finally gets attention on this post here - would people want to perhaps split the original six core party members (and possibly Serah) to their own page? I'm unsure how to check page size so it may be needed anyway, but the seven of them are characters critical to the entire trilogy so maybe they should stand apart.
07:12:29 AM Mar 23rd 2014
Redirect broken; feel free to re-edit.
11:13:32 AM Mar 23rd 2014
I actually like how it is right now. No need to split. We just need to add a redirect from Characters.Final Fantasy XIII 2 to here.
02:15:08 PM Mar 23rd 2014
Except the page would be too large. That was why it was split in the first place. It was just split very poorly and oddly, with characters having their XIII-2 tropes in secondary profiles on that game's page. Then somewhere along the way the XIII-2 profiles came back here and were on both, and then when Lightning Returns came around this page became host to it instead of it getting its own page.

This is a much simpler system consistent with how other franchises do it.
03:26:00 PM Mar 23rd 2014
edited by
Fine, nevermind.
03:41:32 AM May 1st 2013
I have moved the bulk of XIII-2 characters to Final Fantasy XIII-2. The page was over 350,000 characters, and the system begins to break at 400,000-500,000. Given that we'll probably have more characters for Lightning Returns, it could only get bigger so we might as well split it now.

I'm not entirely sure what to do with Serah, though. Which folder do we put her XIII tropes in? She's certainly a major character, but not playable.
07:26:09 AM May 1st 2013
You could always make a non-playable folder.
11:25:24 AM Aug 4th 2012
I was wondering whether or not Lightning should be changed from a Type II Anti Hero to a Type III anti hero. While she does become more idealistic and lighter while showing a softer, kinder, more caring side by the end of XIII, her willingness to use violence; her willingness to kill (she never hides the fact that she is willing to kill the antagonists of each game she appears in... and does); her Good Is Not Nice tendencies; her Knight In Sour Armor tendencies; her overall cynicism (she goes as far as to scoff at and then scold Snow for trying to reason with "brainwashed soldiers" in the attempt to avoid violence); and by the fact that the creators themselves call her "Serious, unforgiving, relentless, and harsh" makes her seem much more like a Type III than a Type II. Thoughts (I may just be reading too much into this)?
03:09:39 PM Mar 7th 2012
For Rygdea's "What Happened To The Mouse," I'm not sure it entirely qualifies. It was retty heavily implied that he, among the rest of his unit, was turned into a cie'th when they were going to storm Orphan's Cradle.
09:56:16 AM Feb 25th 2011
Removed from Lightning:

  • Hot Amazon: The entire fandom pretty much agrees that her Badassery makes her even more attractive.

In order to qualify for the trope, someone in-universe must find her attractive because she is an amazon. The fandom doesn't count.

From Fang:

Again, has to be in-universe. Audience reactions don't count.

From Yaag:

See The Great Character Alignment Debate.
08:13:33 AM Jun 13th 2011
seeing how I can't properly edit the article on my PS3 I ask that the "eventhegirlswanther" and "hot amazon" tropes be removed from Fang. As stated above no one mentions her height and no girls want Fang in-universe(her being lovers with Vanille is debatable at best) therefore the tropes should be removed.

Fandom reaction doesn't count.
08:27:41 AM Jun 13th 2011
"Debatable at best"? If you switched either of their genders, there's no way someone could mistake it for anything but Love Interest-style interaction. (Well, besides Shippers but they're loony as a rule anyway so they don't count).

That said, I don't think it's Even the Girls Want Her if they're in a relationship with each other; the trope refers to otherwise-straight women thinking said woman is hot.
07:09:22 AM Mar 25th 2010
Should Lightning be listed as a Distaff Counterpart of Cloud? Sure, Nomura says her appearence was based on Cloud but Kitase said that the only thing they have in common is that they were both Soliders. And taking into account that they have pretty different personalities then I don't really think it should be there (unless anyone can bring up any concrete evidence proving she is besides the word of Nomura.)
07:49:58 AM Mar 25th 2010
everyone else says and there past is simmiler
11:51:14 AM Mar 25th 2010
Really? Besides the soldier part I don't see any difference between their pasts.
07:19:40 AM Apr 26th 2010
Well, Nomura's word came out before Kitase's. I believe his words were something along the lines of, "I was asked to develop a female version of Cloud." So, yeah...
09:16:54 PM Aug 5th 2010
but it's been contradicted.
06:33:04 AM Sep 17th 2010
To be more exact

Motomu Toriyama: We can't tell you all the details, unfortunately. Looking at the history of the FF series, there were already female main characters, like in FFVI, FFX, and FFX-2. This time, one of the characteristics of this heroine is that she's not that feminine. I tried to make her someone very strong, independent. When I asked Mr. Nomura to design this character, I requested someone like a female version of Cloud from FFVII.

While later

Lightning’s muscles and such make an impression, don’t they? She is muscular, but attractive.

Nomura: In drawing Lightning, the most essential thing was that she is a “cool character.” You can’t have a cool character without sex appeal.

What kind of “cool” is she?

Nomura: Serious, and unforgiving, yeah, she is a relentless character, isn’t she? Maybe she is harsh on herself too, but she is not the type to coddle people. When she meets other people, she’s not the kind who changes according to them, but instead you can see that she is a kind of individualistic person who gives off the image of someone who unswervingly follows the guidelines within herself.

Was that harshness more than was intended in the design?

Nomura: I was asked to make her strong and beautiful, but when I read the scenario, I thought “Is that all?” They were saying that she is a soldier, and her personality was certainly of one. She is not a “whiner.” Actually, before we decided on the type we have for her now, there were a variety of different Lightnings. There were some by other staff members, too, and in the beginning, she didn’t have the same image as she does now.

Like what, for example?

Nomura: She was Asian. The final Lightning is considerably more chiseled. Her eyes are more deeply set in than a typical heroine. Also, her cheekbones are more prominent than other female characters. In these ways, Lightning’s design changed considerably. Other things are hidden, so you can’t tell, but her legs are lean and her abdominal muscles are defined. Toriyama was particular about her having an athlete’s body. However, if the heroine was too “macho,” it would be difficult for players to associate emotionally with her, and so, while serving the director’s intentions for her, I tried to make her a bit sweet. That intent appears in things like her hairstyle and hair color.

Nomura was originally tasked with "a female version of Cloud"but hardly stopped there.
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