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03:13:54 AM Oct 12th 2012
Beg pardon ? What "administrative decree" says that spoilers aren't supposed to be used on character pages ? I see nothing of the sort in the Special Efforts section, Trope Repair section, in the Handling Spoilers section and Spoilers Off section. I may have missed something (after all, I'm not perfect), but otherwise if in the following 12 hours the editing isn't justified I'll call a moderator.
04:31:01 PM Aug 1st 2012
Perhaps we need to split off a character sheet for Revenant Wings on that page?
05:57:27 PM Jan 30th 2012
edited by illegalcheese
So, I'd classify Vaan as The Big Guy along side Basch. Given that the group is constantly in combat situations, and Vaan doesn't really fulfill any other role, I'd say he falls into being The Big Guy by default. I say The Big Guy instead of Tagalong Kid just because his stats, (which in other cases in this particular game tend to be an example of Gameplay and Story Integration) would imply that he's a very strong fighter, which I think is vindicated in later games (where he goes toe-to-toe with a Physical God, among other things).

I feel like I've seen this kind of character before, which is the only reason I'd care to bring it up. Just want to get an opinion on it.
01:38:00 AM Jan 31st 2012
edited by NonoRobot
Vaan's role in the story is rather small, and is one of the youngest member of the team. Thus, the Tagalong Kid entry is justified, and shouldn't be removed in my opinion. However, we can add to the entry that he manages to have a greater role in his own game. As for The Big Guy... You're right when you're saying that, stats-wise, he could fit the role. However, there are already two entries which deal with that : Jack of All Stats and Lightning Bruiser. I don't think that The Big Guy trope applies to him : he just doesn't have the body/appareance for that (he's a kid after all).
07:15:23 AM Jan 31st 2012
None of the Five-Man Band roles should be assigned "by default." Either he is, or he isn't, and in the story, he most definitely is not.
03:14:38 PM Jul 26th 2010
What is this, no entry on Venat?
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