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09:10:47 PM Jun 12th 2013
Since the official translation went with the name Sirius Island, I think the Tenrou Group page might need to be renamed.
09:14:37 AM Nov 9th 2012
As you may have noticed, I've rearranged the character pages yet again. But now I have an issue with character name spellings. As I understand it, the manga includes "official" name spellings provided by Hiro Mashima himself. Several of the earlier manga volumes include a note from Mashima explaining this. As of late, however, the latest manga volumes do not contain such a note, and as such, sites such as the Fairy Tail Wiki do not count the name spellings in such these as "official" because they cannot verify if they are.

Granted, it has occurred to me that not everyone owns the manga volumes released by Del Rey and Kodansha USA, and rely on the words of others online for such information. But to me, disregarding the translations given by companies such as Del Rey, Kodansha USA, Crunchyroll, and Funimation seems a bit limiting. I know the fanmade names are the ones many are familiar with, but does that make the other names any less qualified to be used, regardless of whether they were given by Hiro Mashima?
11:04:37 AM Nov 9th 2012
edited by lu127
Official translations must be used where available and are by default to be used over fanmade ones. Fanmade translations should be used only if there are no official ones.
08:35:19 AM Nov 10th 2012
In that case, considering Fairy Tail is primarily released in manga format, the translations used by the manga's licensors (Del Rey and Kodansha USA) should be used here regardless of whether or not Hiro Mashima says he gave them.

Crunchyroll and Funimation also have licenses for the anime, so I figure the names of characters who have not yet appeared in Kodansha USA's licensed manga material should be taken from the officially licensed subtitles (mainly from Crunchyroll, since they release the anime as they're aired in Japan and are further ahead than Funimation).

I was concerned mainly because whenever I try to change the names to these official translations, one troper by the username of "boo1348" keeps reverting them back to the ones used by the Fairy Tail Wiki, where names from officially licensed material are only used if Hiro Mashima says he uses them; in other words, quite a few characters on the FT Wiki are still known by fanmade names.
10:49:55 AM May 17th 2013
Is this just for character names, or are locations handled the same way? Tenrou Island's name changed when the volume including it came out but I wasn't sure if it should he altered here or not.
09:24:26 AM Dec 9th 2011
edited by immblueversion
I'm thinking the list of characters in Fairy Tail is getting too complex to simplify it as "members of Fairy Tail," "villains," and "other characters." I think the pages should be organized and added to in this manner (all the tabs represent folders within each page):

  • Fairy Tail (all the members of Fairy Tail):
    • Team Natsu
    • Master & S-Class
    • Other members
    • New members
    • Former members
  • Official Guilds (all the official guilds in the series)
    • Phantom Lord
    • Blue Pegasus
    • Lamia Scale
    • Quatro Cerberus
    • Cait Shelter
    • Sabre Tooth
  • Dark Guilds (all the dark guilds in the series)
    • Oracion Seis
    • Grimoire Heart
    • Eisenwald
    • Naked Mummy
    • Raven Tail
  • Other (everyone else)
    • Magic Council
    • Crime Sorciere
    • Tower of Heaven
    • Edolas
    • Exceeds
    • Dragons
    • Celestial Spirits
    • Others
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