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06:40:55 AM Nov 6th 2017
Sooooo. Does the Dragoon's BUSTER CANNON attack count as a BFG or Wave Motion Gun?
07:08:00 PM Oct 28th 2017
This page is now triggering the "too long" warning. How should the page be split?
  • By game?
  • By type of character (adventurer class, Untold Story Mode character, NPC), similar to Characters.Diablo?
  • Or something else?
11:00:51 PM Nov 4th 2017
edited by LucaEarlgrey
01:20:28 AM Nov 5th 2017
By game is best
06:16:27 AM Nov 5th 2017
edited by Reflextion
Agreed, though some of the entries will need a bit of tweaking to stand on their own - mainly the Heroes of Lagaard classes and the Etrian Mystery Dungeon cast (I haven't played the latter, so don't know enough to help there)

EDIT: Went ahead and threw up some sandbox pages for the subpages, and took a slight crack at them myself:

07:32:00 AM Nov 10th 2017
Think it's alright to split the Characters page now?
09:07:25 AM Nov 10th 2017
We could copy over the page subsection header from the Touhou character page too.
10:04:19 AM Nov 10th 2017
Added headers to the sandbox pages
03:40:30 PM Feb 19th 2014
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Sole Survior for EO 4 is not 'implied'. The character in question states outright that everyone but them did die. There are different dialogues with Logre after you beat him in the Echoing Library. When you pick 'extend hand' he'll wistfully remember his comrades and will tell you they all died.
01:41:04 PM Mar 4th 2013
I haven't gotten far enough yet, so what's the name of the female Imperial who tries to stop you from interfering with Baldur's plans in the 5th Stratum?
05:30:22 AM Jun 21st 2014
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Unless that is something from the rumored bonus dialogue when you Do a solo run with Logre, this doesn't exist.
02:58:22 PM Jan 29th 2013

This page has been replaced with an index full of Bunny Tropes. Please look over this to pick which tropes if any best describe the character.
09:59:18 PM Jun 21st 2010
edited by FalseSwipe
With the game being released in the US, Atlus has revealed the website for the game:

With the website comes a few expected name changes for the classes; Shinobi is now Ninja, Pirate is now Buccaneer. Though these names should eventually replace the ones that are currently on the Character Sheet, I vote that we wait until all 12 classes are revealed before we change them, to avoid confusion.
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