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07:14:32 AM Apr 2nd 2015
Is the rule about not putting the trope name inside a spoiler tag still standing? There are a lot of them on the character page.
08:07:01 AM Apr 2nd 2015
Yes. Despoiler them, plz.
07:49:44 AM Jan 17th 2014
Is there a reason Katheryn Drummond was deleted?
07:06:04 AM Apr 16th 2013
Is there really any reason for Moriarty to be completely in Spoiler tags? The character isn't exactly a secret.
06:18:25 AM Apr 19th 2013
Are you referring to the repeated uses of "M[spoilered out]"?
06:47:31 AM Apr 19th 2013
I mean the fact that the entire section on Moriarty is in spoiler tags.
10:21:51 AM Apr 19th 2013
edited by
I see. I think it has to do with the reveal in the episode "M" that Vinnie Jones' character isn't Moriarty, but Moran.

I've just spent a couple minutes going over the Handling Spoilers page, but I'm still not sure what to do when it comes to character pages. Additionally I'm not sure about the statue of limitations here—"M" aired only a few months ago, so it doesn't seem right just to unmark all the spoilers.

Should we just remove that whole section until Moriarty actually appears on the show?
10:39:00 AM Apr 19th 2013
I'd think so. Considering there's no information on Moriarty... there's nothing to list. He's just an unseen big-bad at this point. And may not even be a man at all.
10:16:11 AM Apr 22nd 2013
Okay. I'm gonna just go for it and put "Moriarty has not yet appeared on the show" as my edit reason.
01:23:23 PM Apr 24th 2013
Aaaaand as of late last night, that whole section is back again, with the following edit rationale from troper Billy Dee Williams: "Just because he hasn't appeared doesn't mean he's not a character. Moriarty didn't appear in the first two episodes of Sherlock, but he was definitely a character, because he was shown to be behind the events of those episodes. And all of those tropes apply, and yes, his very existence is a spoiler. The purpose of a character page is to catalog characters, no matter how spoileriffic."

I...guess I see his point? It's only a matter of time before Moriarty does appear, after all.

06:14:08 AM Apr 25th 2013
Thing is... Moriarty isn't exactly a spoiler. He's been mentioned in-show. Anyone even passingly familiar with Holmes canon knows about him. His appearance isn't a secret. What he's capable of isn't a secret. I don't think we can have tropes for someone who hasn't even been seen yet. It's like trying to trope something that doesn't exist.
02:54:57 PM Apr 25th 2013
I agree with you for the most part, but having Moriarty on the page at all spoils the fact that the "M" in the episode "M" is not Moriarty, since he's listed just below "M[oran]" on the page. (Again, what's the statute of limitations?)

I don't know. I think also perhaps the key words are "passingly familiar with Holmes canon," words which describe fewer people than you'd think.

I am still inclined to wait until the character actually appears on the show.
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