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11:24:07 AM Oct 24th 2015
Does Maosima come back?
04:14:52 PM Dec 24th 2011
Why is Chickification listed under Celty's profile? Fair enough, I haven't seen enough of the series to be an expert on whether she qualifies, but I have seen only the latter episodes, and to me, Celty does not appear to be less badass than her non-spoiler tagged qualities say she is.
11:23:10 AM Oct 24th 2015
It is probaly her love for Shinra. At first, even though they have been living together for 20 years she did'nt noticed how much she deeply loved him. Although when she first mentions it she uses "graditude" then afterwards realizes it's love. And confesses she does in front of Shinra's dad. They are also already married in season 2 or close to the wedding day (Shinra asks her to marry him in season 1).
10:01:20 PM Oct 22nd 2011
Is the Only Sane Man the monster who's lost her head?
03:44:50 PM Oct 3rd 2011
There was this on Shizuo's profile:

  • Muscles Are Meaningless: It's been noted that Shizuo's pretty skinny for a guy known to uproot vending machines and overturn cars on a regular basis. His muscle is probably just denser than granite.
    • Keep in mind: most people, including the musclebound, are limited to using only a third of their true strength. Shizuo lacks this limit.

The below is my response (Which is not posted on the main page, due to it being natter):

  • That's because if someone uses all of their true strength, it tends to tear through the bones in the body and cause massive damage on everything inside their body. After the adrenaline goes away, they feel all the pain they put their body through and are seriously harmed afterwards. But Shizuo's too badass to have such a limit.

Does anyone know any way to condense my explanation without it becoming natter?
02:16:08 PM Jan 26th 2012
edited by darkclaw
I'm going to make a quick edit to the main page about the above; but try to make it short and avoid natter.
01:59:15 AM Sep 9th 2011
Why is there no main page tab to this?
05:25:47 AM Sep 9th 2011
The tab for the Durarara character page leads to the index rather than to the list of main characters. I'm assuming it's difficult for the forum software to make a one-way link.
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