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10:06:08 AM Apr 7th 2014
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Frankly, in my opinion, the page should primarily use the NA localisation's names, considering how most of the people that use this site would be more familiar with the NA version than the other versions. I believe the wiki's usual policy is to use the official English translation if one is available, generally going with the U.S./NA version if there are multiple English translations. What does everyone else think?

Oh, and Merchant May, don't change it just because you personally dislike the NA translation's names. Outright removing NA translation names (such as Camelia and the Astral Coven) for that reason is Wiki Vandalism.
03:44:29 PM Apr 7th 2014
I take full responsibility for that, I should have read the site rules before editing. Inexcusable considering I actually have a decent amount of Wiki editing/administrating experience.

For the record, I was gonna add the names under "Dub Name Change" for all of those but I somehow forgot. Very clumsy of me.

If you want to keep prioritize the use of the North American names, I guess there is no problem with that. Thought I don't play that version of the game so I'm not sure if I can get them right all the time (I will try).

However I think we should specify localization differences, as there are quite a lot and it's confusing for most players considering how there are 10 versions of the game, 3 of them in English, that uses exactly the same script as the Korean version. NA is a special case, specially different post-Lotus Marsh update.

I hope you don't mind I stay and keep adding up to the pages.
08:50:52 AM May 11th 2014
It's fine, the main thing is that we have to be consistent, and most people familiar with this site would probably be more familiar with the NA version. I believe that's why the site usually tries to use official English names, they're more familiar to most people that use the site. ...Not all pages follow that rule, though, especially if the page is made for a work before it's translated. xD

Sorry for the late reply.
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