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09:55:26 PM Jul 21st 2015
Should Beerus and Whis be moved to the Dragon Ball Super character page, since they're no longer movie exclusive?
08:13:09 AM Jul 22nd 2015
Don't see why. Garlic Jr. made his way to the anime, and he's still here.
05:42:38 PM Aug 5th 2015
Garlic Jr. was only in a non-canon filler arc.

Beerus and Whis are actually canon characters and will play a major role in the anime (even beyond the arcs based on the movies) so there's a legitimate argument to be made that they should be moved.

While we're at it, Whis could arguably go on the supporting character page rather than villain page. Unlike Beerus, he's never been antagonistic towards the protagonists, and in addition to training them he even saves the Earth in the new movie. Sure, his boss is a dick but that doesn't really make him a villain.
09:44:38 PM Aug 14th 2016
I agree. It makes no sense that Beerus and Whis are in the page listed as "villains" since both were only antagonistic in their debut movie. Every appearance afterwards has them interacting with the heroes in a friendly manner. With Super going as long as it is now, at this point, Beerus and Whis are pretty much on the good guys side.

So should Beerus and Whis be moved to the Dragon Ball Super character page?
11:38:45 AM Sep 30th 2016
They should (by technicality) be in the Dragon Ball Z/GT Supporting Cast, since the canon films are Z films.

Also, since they have important roles, they should at least be in that or Super's page.
07:48:03 AM Nov 1st 2016
I think they deserve separate pages of their own. They're sections are massive, the characters are extremely significant, and they're not even villains anymore.
08:09:59 AM Nov 1st 2016
I'd be down for that. Their role has eclipsed what they were when this page was made.
07:50:20 PM Apr 11th 2013
edited by
Since the Metal Coolers are clones and subordinates of the original Cooler, I decided to put them as separate characters.
08:42:11 PM Apr 2nd 2013
edited by Marikina
Regarding the change from "Bills" to "Beers", I cite the following articles for reference:

Although technically "Virus" would be more accurate and more in keeping with the scriptwriter's original intent, since Shueisha ultimately decided to go with "Beers" in their promotional materials, "Beers" being far more appropriate for the revised portrayal of the character, and for the sake of uniformity with "Whis" I suggest that we stick with "Beers".
07:23:13 AM Apr 3rd 2013
I think we should just stick to Bills. It's much more identifiable than "Beers". On the DBZ Wiki, it's listed as Bills and Beers is an alternate name. For the sake of identification, I say Bills.

Also, no offence, but why did you just change the name without any previous discussion?
08:29:13 AM Apr 3rd 2013
edited by Marikina
The DB wiki is an unofficial source and often prone to erroneous information and fan terminology. "Bills" is an unofficial fan name (much like "Mystic Gohan") before the etymology of Birusu was established by Word of God, who themselves state that it's either "Virus" or "Beers", with the latter name being the preffered choice in the promotional and supplemental materials (in particular the theatre program).

12:22:29 AM Nov 9th 2012
Where are Salza, Sangya and other minor villains from the movies? Hey, if they manage to get in some videogame, they deserve a character sheet.
05:01:15 AM Jan 26th 2013
I truly agree. In fact, I'm going to put them in right now.
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