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06:29:32 AM Nov 10th 2011
Why aren't the folders working?
03:35:33 PM Nov 10th 2011
edited by helterskelter
Most likely the page has reached its limit. I will divide them accordingly. I'm not going to split them by each sub-folder, because some of them aren't robust enough to warrant making an extra page.

ETA: That fixes it. The pages should be properly sorted and indexed now.
05:48:18 AM Aug 17th 2011
I wonder if the naming of the Amells as being a family that had mages in it is sort of an inside joke reference to a certain other wizard by the name of Gargamel?
10:48:53 AM Apr 29th 2011
What makes Cassandra a Co-Dragon? This would imply that the White Divine is a Big Bad, despite the fact that barley know anything about her. I suggest we wait until we know more about both characters, before we consider them as evil antagonists of a future DA hero.
11:47:53 PM May 14th 2011
Just noticed this post now; I added the trope because there isn't a similar "Co-Lancer" type trope for good/neutral/morally ambiguous characters. If someone creates such a trope page, feel free to remove the entry. In the meantime, I've left it up and changed the wording of the trope name.
10:07:18 PM Apr 3rd 2011
Does Anders count as Estrogen Brigade Bait? Sure, he's a love interest, but he's not exactly fanservice-y. In fact, he's kind of scrawny and unshaven and dresses in a lot of bulky layers, and all of his 'cool' scenes center mostly around his disturbing tendency to light up like a Christmas tree. I would think that's more Fetish Fuel than broad-spectrum appeal.

On the other hand, I've never been entirely clear on the strict definitions of EBB, so...
06:54:47 PM Apr 6th 2011
Well...he has the same buff model as all the other men, so he's not exactly scrawny. Also, scruffy and stubbly is considered a very attractive physical quality by many women. You flirt with him, and he's declaring his love for you.

I do see where you're coming from, though—he doesn't seem quite like fanservice. Fenris is wearing extremely tight armor, has pretty glowing lines, shaggy pretty hair, big pretty eyes, but a manly enough face not to look girlish. He seems more or less mostly like fanservice. But Anders is an EBB the same way Alistair is, in that he's very handsome and his romance appeals strongly to women.
07:14:47 PM Apr 17th 2012
The "underwear" model is standard for all male humans, but Anders's clothed model is unique; if you compare his clothed model to other male human models in the game, he's noticeably slimmer. His arms are half as thick as M!Hawke's, and he's not as broad or sculpted through the torso. He has a runner's build as opposed to M!Hawke's American footballer, Carver's strongman, and Sebastian's broad archer's shoulders and chest. They likely used the male elf model for him because, proportionately speaking, Anders and Fenris are more similar than Anders and M!Hawke are, even though Anders is taller and a little broader because he's human.
12:40:49 PM Mar 26th 2011
It's noted that there is speculation that some of the characters have what is being called "subjective sexuality" Word of God - David Gaider in this case says that they do not.

As a newly editing troper I don't want to step on anyone's toes so would the proper response be to add a bullet point to each noting that this is confirmed as false? Or editing out the false speculation?
07:45:09 AM Mar 29th 2011
edited by helterskelter
That's not what it says. It implies that they left the decision up to the discretion of the player.

He never says "They are all bi". He says "We didn't make that decision for you, and it's up to you". Therefore, Situational Sexuality.

"Fenris and Merrill don't initiate a romance with any gender, and really their sexuality is the most subjective since they don't discuss it."

"If the idea that a character might be having hypothetical sex with someone of the same gender in an alternate dimension bothers you..."

"I'm sorry, but just to chime in again— how are we coming to the conclusion that the characters are either straight or gay, exactly? Considering that they don't generally discuss their sexuality with the player, the idea that their sexuality changes seems a bit bizarre when their actions don't. You can decide for yourself what they are— that is indeed part of the point in leaving it to your interpretation..."
10:34:50 PM Mar 29th 2011
edited by maugrimm
Not it's not situational sexuality. As taken from that thread, and in my YMMV discussion post. "My point is that their actions don't change, yet some people are deciding that their inference is enough to suggest the characters alter their preferences at the player's whim. Even IF they did, I'm not sure that would be a crime. Regardless, IT'S NOT THE CASE." That's a direct David Gaider quote, the Lead Writer. Caps emphasis mine.

I could interpret that the Dragon Age series is all about cheese because the wonderfulness of cheese as it has been mentioned in both games. I'd be wrong but I'm perfectly free to make the interpretation.

Bottom line is they do not have situational sexuality. Isabela is undeniably bi, Karl was still Anders first even if he romances a F!Hawke even if it's not mentioned (again word of Gaider), Merrill will gladly make positive remarks about a female Hawke who doesn't romance her and even Fenris has some vaguely flirty lines for an unflirted, unromanced male hawke and he'll still end up sleeping with Isabela if neither is romanced by the PC. Everyone is bi sorry. At best the argument could be made for Single-Target Sexuality in Merrill as I don't know of any flirt lines for her to someone besides Hawke. Which doesn't mean they don't exist.
08:25:56 PM Mar 22nd 2011
I have to object to Orana's inclusion. She is a minor, minor character. She is a minor character in a sidequest that only has one dialogue and some ambient lines. Viveka from the Blooming Rose has as many lines as she does.

Whereas Bodahn and Sandal are recurring characters, Sandal has quite a bit of Foreshadowing attached, and they are involved in several quests and have several dialogues.
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