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08:10:35 PM Aug 10th 2013
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  • Lawful Stupid, Chaotic Stupid: If they weren't so phenomenally stupid, they probably wouldn't even need to be enemies. They just keep killing people through negligence....or out of annoyance.

The Judoon were an enemy in "Smith and Jones" because they were hunting an alien, and the Doctor's the only detectable alien because the actual murderer they're looking for can hide in plain sight by drinking the blood of humans, making her appear human to the Judoon scanners. Not to say they aren't brutish or stupid, but the example explaining this is kinda weak.

Plus, so far as I can remember, the Judoon have executed all of two people in that story, the second of which was the murderer they were hunting down, for their version of justice. Outside of "Smith and Jones", I can't recall anywhere else on TV where they're explicitly antagonistic (The Sarah Jane Adventures' "Prisoner of the Judoon" probably comes closest), nor outright kill anyone. Does this come from the novels?
09:31:32 AM Jan 19th 2013
So what do the peoples think of the Ogrons, Movellans, Eternals, Peladonians sections?
05:48:18 AM Sep 28th 2012
I'm utterly baffled by the recent edits to Homo reptilia/Silurians. Was it changed to only Silurians, or is it supposed to mean Silurians and Sea Devils?
09:26:13 AM Jan 18th 2013
I think it might mean both Silurians and Sea Devils
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