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08:44:18 PM Mar 26th 2011
Was it really necessary to remove all the YMMV tropes? So fas as I'm aware, they are only required out of the MAIN page. Not from Characters Page. And personally, I really didn't see any reason to remove them.

Not to mention, Joie De Combat, I still got to see any of these in the YMMV article.
09:17:12 PM Mar 26th 2011
Aww, shuck. Oh well...
01:41:56 PM Mar 27th 2011
edited by JoieDeCombat
You're welcome to beat me to it if you're waiting for them. Mostly I found the random red bullets and the huge block of "please remove these YMMV tropes" at the top of the edit page irritating. Quite a few of them are already there anyway, and some of them were frankly unnecessary to begin with, like the invented mondegreens.
11:25:29 AM Feb 23rd 2011
Er... why were almost all characters added new "introductory paragraphs"? The ones we had worked perfectly so far, and the new ones (which I believe are taken right out of official websites, which means plagiarism) only make things redundant.
11:35:10 AM Feb 23rd 2011
I don't really mind them. They give more information on the characters, so...
02:52:48 PM Feb 25th 2011
I'm thinking they should go back to what they used to be, the promotional descriptions of the characters, at least until the game is released.

The koan for the original characters came from the descriptions of items that were required to make their personal weapons, and the game hasn't been released yet for people to grab the official koan for the new characters. A couple fit, but the rest either have off wordings or just flat out don't make sense (like Prishe, since hers doesn't make any sense in relation to her character, and Tifas is the worse case of Engrish I've seen in a while).
07:00:25 AM Mar 25th 2011
I agree that we should keep with the promotional descriptions until the official game koans are available, but I will point out that for these purposes, taking descriptive information from an official website isn't plagiarism, any more than quoting official promotional material is.
05:26:45 PM Feb 12th 2011
I've noticed this character article (as well as the others) has recently (not sure when, didn't notice) divided each character's section for Dissidia and Duodecim separatedly.

Now, I see no problem with that - in theory - but on practice I'm noticing a couple of problems. Mostly that some tropes get repeated in both parts.

So I'm thinking, maybe we should divide the sections like this:
  • General
  • Dissidia
  • Duodecim

Basically, in the General category we put the things that get applied to the character in both games, such as personality tropes and stuff. Costume Tropes and Combat Tropes should also be put in General, because having to add the branch in both sections only makes things repetitive.

Any objections?
06:03:29 PM Feb 12th 2011
Sounds good. We should do the same to the Chaos page as well.
03:23:14 AM Feb 13th 2011
I was the one who split it into Dissidia/Duodecim, and this sounds like a good idea.

I'd got all the way down to Shantotto before realising that I should make a "General" section.
12:35:24 AM Feb 14th 2011
So, anyone think I did a good job?
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