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11:01:41 PM Mar 9th 2014
We have a problem. The "Antagonists" page has over 400,000 characters and needs to be split. But how should we split it?
05:57:30 PM Mar 14th 2014
Some of the excess antagonists on there are one shot appearances. You could separate them between "major antagonists" and "one-off antagonists". Or "Rogues gallery" and "other villains/criminals". Something like that.
08:52:47 PM Dec 13th 2013
It occurs to me there are a lot of one episode characters that don't fall under "Antagonist" "Ally" or "Batfamily—like Sid the Squid. Does this warrant another category, or just a renaming of an existing one, considering neutral characters are being put in the "Ally" space already?
10:59:51 AM Dec 29th 2013
Moving Sid's profile here. He is not an antagonist. An antagonist is someone who impedes the progress of the protagonist, or runs counter to them. The only thing Sid does to Batman is accidentally drop him off a roof, and from there tends to either wander around the criminal scene or get shoved around by actual antagonists. Furthermore he is the protagonist of his episode. He is not an ally, and he is not a member of the Batfamily. Should there be a page rename, or another category made?

     Sidney "Sid The Squid" Debris 
Voiced by: Matt Frewer

A small time bumbling crook that seems to have done the imposible: to kill the Batman.

Ferris Boyle is another character that does not fit either of the categories, as, while a terrible person, he is a character being acted upon in the episode, an thus not an antagonist. Also not an ally or Batfamily member.