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09:35:30 AM May 3rd 2011
I disagree with the idea that only present characters should be mentioned. Past characters deserve a mention and at this rate, characters are going to keep getting deleted and re-inserted whenever The Bus Came Back.

I'm going to start giving each Corrie House it's own page, so that the families who have lived in a certain house can be grouped together in a foldwer for their family/Nakama.
01:29:40 PM May 3rd 2011
edited by scifiaddict
I was planning on including past characters I was just going to give them their own section at the bottom of the page. I wasn't planning on full character sheets though since that a huge time commitment and a huge chunk of server space. It would look something like this.

Daniel Barlow: the youngest son of Ken Barlow his mother was a hairdresser Ken had an affair with he now lives with her. Mostly mentioned by Peter when he's trying to make his father feel guilty.

I was planning listing the major ones(Mike Baldwin, Hilda Ogden, Jack Duckworth) and ones that are still affecting the characters (Molly Dobbs, Eddie Windass etc). My idea is that this and the main trope page should function as a sort of guide to the show to help newbies understand it. I know we have to limit ourselves somehow or it going to be at this forever.

Also their is an issue with putting past characters on specific location pages since most characters have lived(or worked) in several. Like Liz Mac Donald for instance is certainly associated with The Rovers but lived in number 11 for the most part.
07:36:46 PM May 26th 2011
Okay the above question has been settled and we've decided my layout is the most practical so anyone making any flyby edits (please any help at all with this is wonderful, this isn't the smallest of projects and I have several others on the pipe) can just follow that one.
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