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09:12:05 PM Oct 29th 2012
Deleted Blue Eyes for Steve Rogers. On its disambiguation page, Blue Eyes has been split into six tropes. Please replace with one of those only if applicable. (i.e it fits the symbolism as well as the color)
12:48:05 PM Oct 25th 2012
If anyone has played Captain America: Super Soldier, feel free to add the characters from there.
02:19:37 PM Aug 23rd 2012
I'm considering redirecting this page to Marvel Cinematic Universe, since it seems redundant to have two pages listing the same information, sometimes less. Any responses?
06:00:47 PM Aug 23rd 2012
edited by ArkadyDarell
Actually, since that page is going to have to be split due to it getting too large, http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=12911386090A37310100&page=39#960 it may be the other way around and it'll be split to the separate film pages.
08:47:59 PM Aug 27th 2012
There are some characters that don't apply too well, like SHIELD characters, or Stan Lee. Where will they go?
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