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05:42:44 PM Jun 12th 2014
Why are the entries on Aisha's character not just spoilered but blocked out completely? Especially when some of Doni's abilities which are revealed in the same novel where Aisha debuts are just covered by normal spoilers.
11:35:58 PM Jun 12th 2014
I assume because someone was careless when spoilertagging.
04:45:31 AM Jun 14th 2014
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Well I got a PM afterwards saying that I disregarded commented out warnings (blocked off with the double percent sign <which blocked off part of this comment>) and that they're supposed to be respected... but the thing is that they're not comments they're trope entries that have been blocked off.

The character whose entry in question is so affected is only introduced in more recent volumes, but as I said, some of the other characters who have information revealed in the same novels have entries about that information with normal spoilers.
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