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08:31:29 PM Dec 11th 2015
Amshel is listed as Greater-Scope Villain but isn't he really the Big Bad here? Diva is certainly The Heavy, along with a case of It's Personal but Amshel is the one who is actually using her powers for devious ends, while she just wants to sing in front of a crowd. Her evil mostly comes from being a Psychopathic Womanchild while his is more mediated.
05:28:18 AM Dec 14th 2015
Yeah, that's just misuse from then Greater-Scope Villain was called Bigger Bad. That can be changed.
08:39:37 PM Dec 14th 2015
Cool, I'm on it!
08:50:20 AM Feb 9th 2012
Example needs more Context


02:17:27 PM Feb 9th 2012
Hagi's hair comes out of its ribbon every time he takes a beating. It's practically a visual cue that he's getting Worfed. See the episode "Sour Grapes" for a classic example: he starts off tidy, mauls a bunch of Schiff, and when the tables start to turn his hair is loose around his face.
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