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03:51:20 PM Jul 4th 2014
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I reorganised the page purely because, when viewing the page with spoiler tagging on, it looked completely white. Kanae's was terrible, several more were very bad. Since someone reorganised the Vandenreich page recently for similar reasons, I used that style and layout since it seems to work.

I did remove the spoiler tags, but I've put a clear warning at the top of the page and an extra tag under Kanae's folder due to her Walking Spoiler status.

I've put Mizuho and Kaoru into Keigo and Ikumi's folders as they're satellite characters with almost no presence in the story.

I commented out Kon's The Chew Toy entry as it was a Zero-Context Example. Feel free to re-add it with an example attached.
02:29:08 PM Sep 6th 2013
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I'd dispute the removal of Mizuiro as an example of Raven Hair, Ivory Skin. Although the description of the trope for western examples does lean in the direction of ghost white skin due to using goths and vampire fads as examples, it also clearly states it's the Asian standard of beauty with examples including the Yamato Nadeshiko characters. The Asian standard of beauty, especially in anime/manga, is not about having deathly white skin (which is why Ulquiorra would never be this trope by the Asian stereotype - he's too pale).

Mizuiro was designed to be the 'Asian standard of beauty' (hence why he's also shorter than many other male characters his age on top of being pale and dark-haired), he exploits it shamelessly.

I did remove all the examples of this trope from Bleach that were misuse, but I left Mizuiro alone because he does fit the Eastern examples for this trope.
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